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Andrew's Garden

May 25-30 - Planting Garden 


In my garden i planted peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce,carrots broccoli,cauliflower,onions and some herbs. 

May 28 - My lettuce broccoli and cauliflower started to sprout.

June 1-4 -  Right now i am water everyday because of the heat,
 my cucumbers and tomatoes look a little dry but there doing good. so far my carrots or my onions have not sprouted.     

June 6-12 everything in my garden is starting to grow, my carrots are about 1/2 inch tall. 
My crookneck squash is almost 2 inches and my lettuce is about 2 1/2 inches tall.

June 15 - this is a picture of my cabbage,squash and my cucumbers,

June 13-18 i discovered some little bugs called cucumber beetles, there are black and green with stripes on there back. 
they are eating my lettuce,squash and even my cucumber plants ! I hope we find out a way to get rid of them.  
June 16-29, we put down some cucumber beetle traps,the traps have killed most of the beetles.
 on the 27 we finally put some straw down on our gardens, to eliminate the bugs and the weeds.
I am still watering everyday because of the 90 degree weather.

June 30-July 9 This whole week we watered,weeded put more straw down and also put some horse tea fertilizer down on our gardens.
 We are watering also everyday because of the warm weather
. Dean helped us make cucumber beetle traps
 they are yellow cups that attract the bugs so far they have been doing there job.  

July-10-15 i watered twice this week on Monday I researched about doing a 4-h project
 for my presentation for the garden requirements 

July 16-23 i watered every other day to keep my plants alive we just put in our drip system 
and it toke a lot of work but i still need to work on a few more thing then ill be done with it. I have also figured out that
my broccoli and my cauliflower seeds have not sprouted since i planted them.

July 24-30 i put down more straw on my garden i finished that and now i am still watering and trying to keep the weeds down.

july 31 -august 6 ive been trying to keep the weeds downs and still watering everyday

 august 6-13 katie and i went to the polk county fair and we presented our poster on Saturday we got a blue ribbon
dean was very proud of us.

Aug 13-Sep 4 I watered my garden weeded and also  picked on picking days.

Sept  6th -15th we rotor tilled hand picked weeds and picked produced weve been watering every wednesday and Sunday tomorrow is our last day.


Garden Results - Pre September 

Total Garden Production (lbs): ___17___ 

 Produce  Result  Harvest Totals Comments
 sqaush mp 7 
tomatoes mp  
cucumbers mp 29 
peppers mp 46 
carrots ok 14 
onion ok 3 
cabbage mp 6 
1 1/2 bags

herbs N  

Result - MP - Met Plan Projection, OK - Grew OK, B - Grew Badly, N-No Germination

Garden Results September 

Sept 22 - 13 LBS - Nice Cabbages 
Sept 29 - 18 LBS - More Cabbages 
October 6 - 23 LBS - More Cabbages!