Kaitlynn's Garden!

Welcome to my page!

Hi! My name is Kaitlynn!

Intern Profile: 
I wanted to work at the garden because: 
Gardening is something I enjoy greatly.

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:  
1.) Learn new techniques  for gardening
2.) Have fun and do my best as well as getting to know the other interns.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: 
1.) I hope to learn how the garden is ran.
2.) I hope to learn about the things the garden does regarding pest control, birds and other methods, and the way they take care of their bees.

I think my biggest challenge will be: 
Focusing on one thing and not moving onto the next thing that needs to be done.

My favorite vegetable or fruit is: 
Rainbow Carrots and cucumbers!

I think a leader is: 
I believe a leader is someone who takes time to understand the other members of the group and take their thoughts/views into consideration before making decisions.

I hope to contribute this leadership skill to the garden this season:
Effective communication, which means the ability to convey your goals/vision/plans for achieving both to others through writing or speaking.
Pictures of our field trip to the Pollinator Festival at Dancing Oaks Nursery!
(See more on my garden blog under #field trip)
Pictures of my garden!!
(See more on my garden blog under #my garden)


Garden Plan
Rows of vegetables planted: 

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 

Optimal Garden Yield:

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: 

Garden Log
May 3-5: ........... Started work and removed 
May 8-12: ......... Worked on plans and 
                             helped at Master 
                             Gardener's plant sale.
May 15-19: ....... Working on getting 
                             the garden planted.
May 22-26: ....... Continued working on 
                             getting the garden planted.
May 29-June 2:  Continue with getting 
                             the garden planted.
June 5-9: .......... Finishing up planting.
June 12-16: ...... Started/worked on 
                             weeding the first half of 
                             the garden and worked on
June 19-23: ...... Continued working on 
June 26-30: ...... Worked on mulching and 
July 3-7: ........... Worked on weeding.
July 10-14: ....... Worked on weeding and 
July 17-21: ....... Open house and finished 
July 24-28: ....... Worked on weeding and finished
July 31-Aug. 4:. Worked on weeding.
Aug. 7-11: ........ Worked on a little weeding and
                             picking plants for Fair.
Aug. 14-18:....... Took care of dead leaves and 
                             tomatoes with blossom rot.
Aug. 21-25:....... Worked on weeding.
Aug. 28-Sept. 1: 
June Leadership Project
Problem:  We needed to find a way
        to let people know who we are.
Solution: We came up with a slogan
        for t-shirts and picked a color.
Activity: We ordered the t- shirts.
Results: We got t-shirts that let
        people know who we are.
Communication: Presenting the
        ideas and picking one color and
        one slogan with all of the interns.
Leadership Skills: Vision, Planning,
        and Effective Communication.

July Leadership Project
Problem: People don't know how to
        prepare the plants from our
Solution: I took a few zucchini
        home and made two types of
        allergy friendly zucchini bread.
Activity: I brought the bread to our
        open house.
Results: The recipe turned out
        great, and now others are able to
        easily accsess a way to prepare
Leadership Skills: Vision, Planning, and Self Direction.

August Leadership Project
Problem: Our broccoli and sometimes other plants such as tomatoes and chard are impacted by flea beetles.
Solution: I decided to research ways to get rid of/prevent the destruction done by flea beetles.
Activity: I found a few websites that explained some methods that are used to rid of/prevent the destruction done by flea beetles without harming/minimizing the damage done to other helpful insects.
Results: I found that the best ways to deal with flea bugs was to prevent them, by
-Tilling your garden in the fall to kill any beetles hiding in the dirt
-Using row covers after transplanting, make sure they are completely sealed to keep the beetles from finding the plants
-Planting Basil and/or Catnip around plants the beetles eat. Basil and Catnip repell flea beetles. 
Additionally I found that talcum powder on your plants and/or a homemade spray will rid your garden of flea beetles.

Homemade spray:
-5 cups of water
-2 cups of rubbing alcohol 
-1 tbsp liquid soap

Communication: Presenting my findings with the rest of the interns at the DYG.
Leadership Skills: Self Direction, Effective Comunication.

September Leadership Project
Problem: People don't know how to
        prepare the plants from our
Solution: I used carrots, zucchini, 
        peppers, and cabbage, and 
        chicken to make tacos.
Activity: I chopped about a fourth of 
        cabbage, three large carrots, 
        several small sweet peppers and
        a smaller zucchini. Then I cooked 
        two chicken tenderloins for each 
        person, in olive oil and taco 
        seasoning. Then in the same pan 
        I seared the veggies with some 
        extra taco seasoning for about a 
        minute while I cut the chicken into 
        thin strips. Finally I mixed the 
        chicken to the veggies and pulled 
        the pan off the heat.
Results: The recipe turned out
        great, and now others are able to
        easily access a way to prepare
        several veggies that can be grown 
        in a home garden as a meal.
           -Will be posted on the blogs as 
           soon as possible.
Leadership Skills: Vision, Planning, and Self Direction.