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Andy / Kordan's Garden

May 30 - June 1  - Planting Garden 

I have twelve different vegetables in my garden. They are carrots, onions, zucchini, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, summer squash, spinach cauliflower, tomato and radish.

June 1-7 - This week I watered my garden everyday excepted for saturday and monday. 

June 8-14 - This week I watered my garden twice and weeded once. 

June 15 - Picture of Korden's garden, marigolds, radish, and tomatos.

June 16-22 - This week I weeded twice and watered three times. Also I hilled my Broccoli.  

June 23-28 - This week I weeded twice and watered four times. Also, to try and prevent more weeds I spread hay in between the rows in my garden. 

July 1-20 - This week I weeded and watered.

July 21 - August 2 - This week I fertilized my garden. Also i weeded and watered and spread more hay to try to prevent more weed from growing.

August 2 - August 10 - Watered and weeded garden. 

August 11 - August 20 - picked some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and onions. and did a lot of weeding with dean on my garden. 

August 21-September 4 -  Well Dean picked a pound of food in my garden, will I was gone. 
And today on the 4th I watered all the plant well and we are going to add manure to the lettuce to see if they will grow a lot better so we can get more than some sketchy looking  lettuce. And that is what I did for the week of 1 of September. 

September 5-15  - Today is the last day and I picked more food then I have ever picked before, about 8.5 LB  But later this week I watered a lot and the plants grew better and seemed to be getting more healthy.

Total Garden Production (lbs): ______ 

 Produce  Result  Harvest Totals Comments

summer squash


Result - MP - Met Plan Projection, OK - Grew OK, B - Grew Badly, N-No Germination

Dean Anderson,
Jun 11, 2013, 9:30 PM