Zach's Garden



Intern Profile 

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:  

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: 

I think my biggest challenge will be: 

My favorite vegetable is: 

My least favorite garden task  is:  
My most favorite garden task  is:

I think a leader is:Someone who goes out of their way to help guide and seek success for a group of people 

My worst leadership skill or trait is: Having courage
My best leadership skill or trait is: Teamwork

Garden Plan

Rows of vegetables planted: 23

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 17

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why:My garden did not match my plan because of measurement difficulties and  I switch out some plants for others.

My favorite vegetable to plant was: All of the seeds because it was quick,easy,and very efficient.

Garden Log
May 15 - 20: Started Planting                                                         
May  22 - 27:Still Planting
May 29 - June 3:Finish Planting
June 5 - 10: Finished planting,Starting to weed/Mulching
June 12 - 17: A lot of Mulching!!
June 20 - 24 : Mulching
June 27 - July 1 : Mulching
July 4 - 8:Weeding around plants and watering
July 11 - 15: Weeding and watering
July 18 - 22:Weeding,watering, and tomato cages
July 2- 29: Weeding,watering picking and tomatoes cages
July 31 - August 5: Weeding watering,Picking stuff for fair.
August 8 - 12 : FAIR!! Watering weeding and preparing for fair.
August 15 - 19 : State fair picking.Watering and weeding
August 20 - 26 : watering weeding and harvesting
August 29 -  September 2 : Watering weeding , harvesting.
Sept  5 - 9- Watering,weeding,harvesting, Turn in donations and last day

Leadership Project Comparison of sweet peppers and hot peppers
Problem: Which peeper grows better?
Solution: One pepper will be better than the other.
Test/Activity: Plant sweet and hot peppers on the same date,than wait and compare them both.
Results: Unfortunately i did not get any produce possibly because they were kind of in the shade but the hot pepper was measured to be about half of a foot and the sweet one was about 2 feet tall.
Communication:Present the results to DYG interns and leaders 
Leadership Skills: Garden improvement,Trust,Planning,Self Direction
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Leadership Project: Summer fest Garden booth
Problem: Needed to inform people about the DYG
Solution: DYG stand at summer fest
Test: I went to the DYG booth at summer fest  and talked to people about what we do
Results: The booth went okay but I could have talked to more people
Communication: Go to the stand and talk to people on July 27 7-8pm
Leadership Skills:Self- Awareness and Effective communication.

Leadership Project: Thank you letter to the fair Doner
Problem:I need to thank the Doner
Solution: I wrote a letter and sent it to the doner
Results:they gave me 10 dollars.THANKS!!!!!!
Communication: Present the results to DYG
Leadership Skill: Effective Communication

Leadership Project: What makes a good employee
Problem: Workers need to know what employers are looking for.
Test: Working at the Dallas youth Garden for experience
Results:I have found to believe that employers like to look for people who are good communicators,self motivated,hard workers,adaptable and efficient learner, a Team player,good at helping others , honest , and are polite.
Leadership Skill: Trust