2015 Interns

 Intern Gardens 
    Brianna's Garden
    Logan's Garden
    Loish's Garden
    Marypat's Garden
    Myranda's Garden
    Robert's Garden
    Shyla's Garden
    Stephanie's Garden
    Leadership Projects

    Adult Garden

Support Information 

What You Need to do... 

Fund Raising 
3rd Leadership Project 

StateFair Dates
8/22 - Prepare Veg Exhibits 
8/24 (8AM) - Pick Flower Exhibits 
8/24 (9AM) - Turn in exhibits 

4H State Fair Help:: We need check-in helpers on Monday, the 24th, clerks & runners on Tuesday, the 25th and Wednesday, the 26th will be spend setting up the Exhibit Hall.  Helpers will receive an admission ticket each day they volunteer, as a thank you for their efforts.

Contact: Judi Peters (503) 623-8395
at the extension office

If you participate you can use this as a makeup day. If you write up your experience you can use it as a community project. 

Base Additional Pay - $50 (Total of $500)

1.All garden reviews are rated “Good or Excellent” 
2.Showed up to work on time (no unexcused days) 
3.No outstanding tasks from absences
4.All mandatory tasks completed 
5.50+ lbs harvested 

Advanced Additional Pay - $50 (Total of $550) 

1.Met “Additional Pay” Requirements (See Above)
2.Not more the 2 absence per month
3.Additional leadership task completed


County Fair Results 

 Blue Red
 Brianna 2 1 X  
 Logan 2 1 X  
 Loish 2 1 X X 
 Marypat 3  X X 
 Myranda 3  X X X
 Robert 6 1 X X X
 Shyla 3 1 X X X
 Stephanie 4 3 X X 
 Totals 25 8   
State - State Qualifier