2020 Activities

March -  Tree Pruning 

March - $300 Donation from Wilco, $500 Donation from the Master Gardeners, and Dallas Community Foundation for sponsoring two interns ($1100).  - Thanks! 

April 1-4th (or so) Starts going! 

March 27th- April 17th - Job Announcements are on-line 

April 21st - April 23rd - Intern Interviews! 

April 24th-26th - Made job offers 

April 27th-29th - The Garden is now sponsored by the Polk County Family and Community Outreach Department - Thanks Morgan, Greg, Brent & Abby 

May 1st - Gary and Ken Helped get tarps off, mowed and got the fruit trees mulched for Nan 

May 2nd - First day at the garden in the rain with social distancing. Was a short day but good to have introductions. 

May 5th - First Meeting and Interns start garden Plans (Zoom Zoom) 

May 6th - Rototilling the garden 

May 7th - Interns are at the garden again - Planting!!! 

May 7th - Thanks to Linda, Amelia, Darlene, Jean, Mel and Jerry and many master gardeners for the starts! 

May 15th More Planing! 

May 23 - More Planting - Been tough fighting the showers this spring. 

May 30 - Gardens are planted!