2020 Activities

March -  Tree Pruning 

March - $300 Donation from Wilco, $500 Donation from the Master Gardeners, and Dallas Community Foundation for sponsoring two interns ($1100).  - Thanks! 

April 1-4th (or so) Starts going! 

March 27th- April 17th - Job Announcements are on-line 

April 21st - April 23rd - Intern Interviews! 

April 24th-26th - Made job offers 

April 27th-29th - The Garden is now sponsored by the Polk County Family and Community Outreach Department - Thanks Morgan, Greg, Brent & Abby 

May 1st - Gary and Ken Helped get tarps off, mowed and got the fruit trees mulched for Nan 

May 2nd - First day at the garden in the rain with social distancing. Was a short day but good to have introductions. 

May 5th - First Meeting and Interns start garden Plans (Zoom Zoom) 

May 6th - Rototilling the garden 

May 7th - Interns are at the garden again - Planting!!! 

May 7th - Thanks to Linda, Amelia, Darlene, Jean, Mel and Jerry and many master gardeners for the starts! 

May 15th More Planing! 

May 23 - More Planting - Been tough fighting the showers this spring. 

May 30 - Gardens are planted! 

June 9th - First Payday 

June 14th - Its Mulching Time! 

June 18th - Lots of straw donated by Anderson Mobile.  Thanks! 

June 22nd - First Harvest !  17 pounds of radishes.  This has been a great year for radishes but we have a lot of splits.  Julia is looking what causes them to split for her leadership project. 

June 25th - Thanks for the Crates Polk County Family & Community Outreach! 

June 25th -  We continue to mulch. It is a "not so fun job" but better than weeding, and conserves water, and helps the soil out for next season. Should be done by next Saturday. Thanks again for additional straw from Anderson Mobile.

June 27th - Almost done with straw 

June 29 - Last of the radishes - 13 pounds 

Jun 2 - The summer squash has started - 34 pounds 

July 7 - We are done with mulching 

July 11 - Senior Interns worked with interns to make a garden video 

July 13 - Harvest 207 pounds - first time ever for cabbages this early. 

July 18th - Fertilizing the garden 

July 18th - Interns funded water bags for our fruit trees this year.  They were installed just in time for the heat of August 

July 20th - 389 Pounds of Produce - The summer squash is here. 

July 20th - T-shirts are here! 

July 27th - Harvest 395 Pounds - Even some cukes, carrots, and beans 
Better sizes this week (smaller zuchs)

August 1st - Apples are close 

August 1st - A Saturday In the Garden 

August 3rd - Harvest 386 Pounds - Zuchs, Cukes, Summer Squash and Beans 

August 10th - 474 Pounds 

August 17th - first time in a long time weekly total over 500 pounds (512 pounds) 

August 20 - Thanks for the Tool Donation Bonnie Beck and Old Mill Feed store 

August 22 - Tomato Trimming Lesson from Amelia 

August 23 - Harvest 365 Pounds - Tomatoes are starting! 

August 30th - Harvest 426 Pounds - Carrots were added and more tomatoes! 

September 5th - Last meeting after the party (Breakfast and lunch burritos, salsa, juice, chips, water melon) 
Reviewing what worked well and what could be improved upon from the season. 

September 8th - Took harvest to the food bank 530 pounds.  Was dark at 9AM from smoke. 

September 9th - Still Smokey.  Not interns this week due to air quality. 

September 14th - Tomatoes are late but coming on strong. Over 500 pounds 

September  19th - Great Saturday in the Garden.  No smoke! 

September 21st - Over 480 pounds. Great tomatoes this week 

September 27th - Over 300 pounds and first apple crop  

October 5th - Over 320 pounds- The Last harvest of the season