Lindsey's Garden

Raking before planting                                                      Lindsey's garden sign is done          Watering peppers 

IBlue  ribbon sunflower at Fair        Weighing cucumber harvest                                          T-shirt leadership project             State Fair Results

Intern Profile 

I want to be garden intern because....  
  • To expand my gardening skills and to be a leader to others.
One of our primary goals for the garden is to provide fresh produce to the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program.  Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: 
  • Keeping my garden maintained so no food is wasted.
  • Becoming a leader to other interns.
Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: 
  • More leadership skills.
  • To help others with my abilities. 
I think my biggest challenge will be: 
  • Planting all the vegetables.
My favorite vegetable is:
  • Carrots! 
My least favorite garden task  is: pulling weeds.
My most favorite garden task  is: water plants. 

I think a leader is:Someone who steps up to guide others in the right direction. Also to be an example for others to follow. 

My worst leadership skill or trait is: Speaking up with new ideas or improvements to others ideas. 
My best leadership skill or trait is: Listening to what others have to say.

Leadership Projects:

Garden Improvement Project:

Bird House Project 
Problem: We need to reduce garden pests 
Solution(s): Attract inset eating birds with bird houses 
Species Attracted: Swallows and Bluebirds
Bird Diet: Insects
Construction: Request needed materials and construct two birdhouses.
Communication: Communicate your plan for your bird houses to the group. 
Leadership: The ability to plan or organize tasks to meet the goal or vision

Education Project:

Hunger Research Project 
Problem: We need to know more about hunger in Oregon and how our food production helps. 
Solution:  Research, collect, and compile information about hunger in Oregon. 
Communication: Present information (100 words or so) to place on our web site and present to the group. 
Leadership: Ability to work within the community to help

Communication Projects:

Problem:We need a way to identify our team when meeting with the public.  
Solution:  Design, order and manage the purchase of t-shirts for garden interns. 
Leadership: Communication and Ability to follow through with ideas

I first had to come up with a slogan to put on the shirt so i went to the internet to find some inspiration.
Then I presented the color and the slogan ideas in front of my fellow co workers. They then voted and we went with the slogan Life's a Garden DYG It! and n the back just dallas youth garden 2014.
I then had to go with Dean to the shirt design place and choose out the font. Then we had the shirts delivered to the garden the day of our open house. Everybody loved them!
Thanks to Graphic Latitude for making our shirts!

Problem:We need to communicate information about our garden to the public and we continue to need funds for the garden. 
Solution: Work with garden supervisors to obtain blueberries and create a visual aid for a county fair booth to attract public. 
Communication: Man the booth for four hours during fair and sell blue berries and discuss the garden with the public. 
Fund Raising: Sell the blueberries from the booth 
Leadership: To work with others to produce funds for the garden and Communication

Garden Plan 

Garden Log 

June 3rd:
Planted a row of basil and half a row of tomatoes and spread seeds for cabbage.

June 5th:
Spread a row of spinach seeds and planted marigolds.

June 7th: Planted sweet and hot peppers, another row of marigolds and spread micro green seeds and cabbage seeds.
Lastly planted the last row of my garden with sunflowers

June 9th: Watered.

June 11th: Went on field trip to WVFAP and watered garden.

June 14th: Watered, spread wood chips, and weeded.

June 17th: Watered, and weeded.

June 19th: Watered, weeded, and spread wood chips for paths.

June 21st: Watered, weeded, and mulched.

June 24th: Watered and weeded.

June 26th: watered and weeded the made a sign with my name for my garden. I should be picking my radishes this coming Tuesday.

June 28th: Took day off.

July 1st: Watered and picked 22 radishes that ended up to weigh 4.5lbs

July 3rd: Watered and mulched around the cucumber plants

July 5th: Watered, weeded, and mulched around the peppers and tomatoes with help
July 8th: Harvested more radishes and watered
July 10th: Went to the Baptists Garden for a feild trip and watered
July 12th: Watered, weeded, and put manure tea on my peppers and some of my broccoli

July 15th: Watered Harvested some radishes, donated 14lbs of onions, harvested lettuce and basil

July 17th: Took day off

July 19th: Took day off

July 22nd: Open House and harvested 3 heads of broccoli, 6 cucumbers, and 1lb of basil

July 24th: No Work

July 26th: Watered, weeded, transplanted some of my cabbage, harvested 1 radish 1 head of broccoli and 8lbs of cucumbers,
and put fertilizer on my transplanted cabbage and swiss chard

July 29th: Watered and harvested

July 31st: Watered and harvested

August 2nd: watered, weeded, and harvested cucumbers, first carrots, and my first hot pepper

August 4th: watered, harvested, and got everything ready for fair!

August 8th - Got a blue ribbon for flower exhibit at fair. Picked blueberries and sold them at the fair.

August 9th: Watered, weeded

August 12th: Watered, weeded and harvested

August 14th: Watered, weeded

August 16th: Took day off

August 19th: watered, harvested

August 21st: Harvested peppers, cucumbers, and broccoli.

August 23rd: Watered and harvested

August 26th: Harvested lots of peppers

August 28th: Harvested cucumbers and some peppers

August 30th: Harvested cucumbers, broccoli, some tomatoes, and sweet peppers also watered and weeded

September 2nd: Harvested peppers,tomatoes,and cucumbers

September 4th: Harvested and finished  making my second bird house

September 6th: Took day off

September 9th: Harvested cucumbers, and half of my row of peppers

September 11th: Harvested only tomatoes

September 13th: Last Day of work :( I don't want it to end! Harvested for the last time :(