Michael's Garden



Intern Profile 

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:  gain experience and better the community 

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: how to garden and how yo make friends 

I think my biggest challenge will be: the bureaucracy 

My favorite vegetable is: beans

My least favorite garden task  is:  seeding
My most favorite garden task  isweeding

I think a leader is: there is a key difference between a commander and a leader, and that difference is the definition 

My worst leadership skill or trait is: pacing 
My best leadership skill or trait is: keeping morale up

Garden Plan:  (from west to east)
radishes (icicle) 

My favorite plant to plant was: beans
My lease favorite plan to plant waszucchini 

I think my plan worked because: it was flexible

Garden Log

May 14-28: its been a long two weeks bit its been worth it, my beans and radishes are doing so well they're drowning each other, my broccoli are past my knees ,and my cabbages are as big around as car tires, only four more months .
June 2nd : not much in my field other than enough straw to feed every cow from here to Berlin. 
June 9th : still little has changed, my beans are doing well.
June 16th : the bees are doing well for the given circumstances.  
June 23rd : the open house is soon so we have to make our garden look nice
June 30th : the open house has come and i got 22lbs of lettuce , and ill be promoted to cadet airman in a matter of hours 
August 6th : not much eventful, but i do see a couple flower in my beans, and i think i have an odd crossbreed squash  
August 13th: im starting to get tomatoes
August 20th: would it be possible to make sunflower seeds from theses 
August 27th: school is almost here
September 7th: two more days of work and I'm done

Leadership Projects: Bank Accounts
Problem: being able to have financial independence 
Solution: setting up bank account 
Test:  i set up a bank account 
Document Results: due to the bank account I've been able to budget my remaining money easier and still have about $20 left 
Communication: sitting down with a Wells Fargo representative and opening an account  
Leadership: taking the affirmative to open my own account 

Leadership Projects: booth work
Problem: How do i draw attention at the master gardeners booth at summer fest 
Solution: wearing my BDUs
Test: when it was my shift at the master gardeners both i wore my BDUs and stood at easy until someone came by the booth at which point i would stand at attention  
Document Results: i got 2 more contacts than Seth who did not wear BDUs
Communication: if you draw attention, be ready to talk

Leadership Projects: square zuchs
Problem: zuch have alot of wasted space when being packed
make the zuchs square
test: run the math
Document Results: a sphere has about 33% wasted space when packed as where a square has close to 0%
Communication: translating raw data into something meaningful
leadership: garden inmprovment