Maleena's Garden



Intern Profile 

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: my personal goals for working at the garden this summer will be communication and how to 

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: how to communicate with the other interns better and 

I think my biggest challenge will be: i think my biggest challenge will be how to help other interns with what they need help with

My favorite vegetable is: my favorite vegetable is tomatoes

My least favorite garden task  is:  my least favorite is picking because some of the things you plant take along time to pick 
My most favorite garden task  is: my favorite garden task is  planting because it takes less to plant then a lot of the other things we do 

I think a leader is: i think a leader is someone who helps other people with what  they are confused on  or getting the tasks doned by talking through the steps.

My worst leadership skill or trait is:   my worst leadership skill is communication 
My best leadership skill or trait is: helping people through things 

Garden Plan

Rows of vegetables planted: 18

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 17

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: My garden did not work because I had to trade some of the vegetables out and put others in  

My favorite vegetable to plant was: Tomatoes

Garden Log

May 15-20: i  finished my plan 
May  22-27: i started planting
May 29-June 3: i am almost done planting 
June 5-10:start weeding and mulching 
June 12-17: mulching and weeding 
june 20-24 :  finishing mulching 
june 27-july 1: help interns finish mulching 
july 4-july 8 : start harvesting vegetables 
july 10-15: started putting down bark dust on the walkway
july 17- 22: getting the garden ready for open house 
july 25- 29: starting to get our plants ready for fair
july 31 -aug 5: getting my vegetables ready for fair
aug 7-10: going fair 
Aug12-15: weeded watered and picked my plants 
Aug 17-22: watered weeded my plants 
Aug 24-29: got my plants for state fair 
Aug 31-sept 5: finishing the garden 

Leadership Project

Problem: Talking to the master gardeners about the garden 
Solution: To get people to know about what we do and to get more adult volunteers
Test/Activity:Speaking following a format 
Results: The project went great we didn't get a lot of questions though 
Communication:Talking to the interns  about how it went and what happened 
Leadership Skills: self direction and trust 

leadership 2
Problem: What is sustainable gardening? 
Solution:  it works in harmony with nature and there are a lot of techniques that can make youe garden healthier
Test/Activity: getting the weeds out of the garden
Communication: getting my garden  weeded really good 
Leadership Skills: self direction and communication 

leadership 3
problem: what makes a good cabbage 
Solution: I watered my cabbage and hand picked the cabbage.
Test/activity: watered cabbage picked the cabbage 
Results: I got the highest level of my age group in ribbons 
Communication: watering my cabbage really well.
Leadership skills: self direction