Angelina Ballerina's Garden

Pip pip cheerio!

Hey, my name is Angelina, or AJ for short (:                                                              Pictures!                                           
               My Profile:             
        I want to work in the garden because: Growing up, my grandma had a big and beautiful garden. When she went out to take care of it, I always went with her   
       Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: They are to learn more about plants and not to dehydrate any of them       
       Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: I hope to learn different types of weeds and how to take care of plants properly   
       I think my biggest challenge will be: It will be keeping my garden nice and weeded                                                                                                                                   
      My favorite vegetable or fruit is: My favorite fruit is a tomato, my favorite vegetable is broccoli                   
       I think a leader is: A leader is someone who takes their own path                                                                     

                                                                                   Garden Plan: 

        Rows of vegetables planted: 10 rows of vegetables have been planted

        Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: There are 7 different types of vegetables

       Optimal Garden Yield:

       My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: I did not because I didn't have my plan at the moment

                                                                               Garden Log: 

      May 3-5: Started work and removed tarps 
      May 8-12: Worked on plans helped at master gardeners plan sale 
      May 15-19: Planted squash
      May 22-26: Planted Basil
      May 29-June 2: Planted Basil
      June 5-June 9: Finished garden
      June 12- June 16: Help put down straw
      June 19-June 23: Absent due to family 
      June 25-June 30: Put more straw down on 3 peoples gardens
      July 2-7: put more straw down on 2 peoples gardens
      July 10-14: Watered my garden and picked some vegetables
      July 17-21: Watered again and picked some more vegetables...again...
      July 24-28: Finished putting straw down for coworkers
      July 31-August 4: Put straw down for adults garden and picked what we wanted to show in the fair
      August 7-11: Had to choose whether to go home an hour early or to stay to make up for the lost days
      August 14-18: Harvested our plants and saw how much it weighed
      August 21-25: Harvested some more and found out that I have more than 2 ripe tomatoes 

August 21-26: weeded, watered, and harvested.
August 28- September 2: Weeded, watered, and harvested all the dill and onions.
                                         Leadership Project: 
     Problem: We needed t-shirts for the whole garden
     Solution: 3 of us got together and thought about how the design would go
     Test/Activity: We figured out which statement we liked best and agreed on it
     Results: We sent them into the guy who makes them and they are wet on their way
     Communication: We talking about it on about the 3rd week into the season
     Leadership Skills: Effective communication 

     Problem: I have Flea Beetles on my broccoli and they are eating my leaves
     Solution: Spray the plant or set down yellow sticky traps to trap them 
     Test/Activity: Dean has been spraying my broccoli ever so often
     Results: The flea beetles are slowly going away and my plants are becoming healthier
     Communication: I told Dean that I have Flea Beetles and I talked to Brandon, turns out he has them too
     Leadership Skills: Effective communication