Faith's Garden


Intern Profile 

I want to work at the garden because: 
I want to learn new skills.

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:  
  • all of my plants to survive 
  • to get food to people in need
Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: 
  • to properly garden
  • new skills

I think my biggest challenge will be: 
My favorite vegetable or fruit is: 
butternut squash or black cherries

I think a leader is: 
A leader is someone who doesn't wait for something to happen they make it happen.

I hope to contribute this leadership skill to the garden this season: 
I want to be able to help direct people to the right thing to do.

Garden Plan

Rows of vegetables planted: I planted 13 rows of vegetables planted
14 if you count tomatoes
Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 
 I have 13 different kinds of vegetables. 14 if you count tomatoes
Optimal Garden Yield:
208lb and 238lb if you count tomatoes
My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: 
my plan did match my garden because they provided everything I needed.
Garden Log

May 3-5: Started work and removed tarps 
May 8-12: Worked on plans helped at master gardeners plant sale 
May 15-19: We worked on planting our garden
May 22-26: We continued planting our gardens 
May 29-June 2: I finished planting my garden and stated mulching 
June 5-9: I re-planted some plants and mulched
June 12-16: I re-planted some squash, watered, helped make paths, and helped mulch 
June 19-23: We all worked on mulching together, weeding, watering, and we went to the plant nursery!
June 26- July 1: I was only there one day but we worked on fair admission, watering and weeding.
July 3-7: weeded, watered and harvested.
July 10-14: weeded, watered, harvested, and almost finished mulching all the gardens!
July 17-21: weeded, watered, harvested, finished mulching, and we had open house!!
July 24-28: Weeded, Watered, and harvested
July 31-August 4: Weeded, Watered, harvested, and did fair sheets
August 7-11: watered, got prepared for fair, and got judged on our produce
August 14-18:we weeded and watered but I was not there to set up for state fair
August 21-25: we weeded and watered and John, Tracy, Amillia, and I played minion on AJ's Garden. 
August 28- September 1: we watered weeded and Dean mowed some of the rows we no longer needed. 
September 4-8:

August 28- September 2: Weeded, watered, and harvested all the dill and onions.
Leadership Project
Problem: not a lot of people know about us
Solution: we make T-shirts
Test/Activity: make T-shirts for the team
Results: more people know about us
Communication: we talk to more people and they get to know what we do
Leadership Skills: we learn what is appealing to the eye of the public, make group decisions. Because I was the money and shirt handler I learned a lot about organization and you might think you are organized but until you are put in that job you never fully develop those skills

Problem: the plants are lacking in plant growth, I want sweeter tomatoes, I want greater yields from my peppers, my transplants are not doing to well, or slugs are eating my garden.
Solution: add a pinch of epsom salt to your plants
Test/Activity: I add epsom salt to half of my garden every two weeks and see how my plants look in comparison 
Results: The results are more so in the food then the plant itself the yield improved on the squash.
Communication: It tells people that the epsom salt helps in many ways and not just for baths.
Leadership Skills: On doing research I found that it helps plants in different ways.

Problem: It is hard to find a good recipe for squash.
Solution: My mom and I's Sauteed Dinner Squash (includes other veggies).
Test/Activity: We made a recipe for the squash because we love it but not plain and not greasy
Results: We made a flavorful vegetable side for dinner.
Communication: I will write up the recipe and give it to Dean to give to the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program.
Leadership Skills: Working with others to find a good middle ground for seasoning and what kind would be good.

Ingredients: 1Tbs coconut oil, 3 medium squash, slice/chop 1/4 medium onion, 1tsp Emeril’s Essence seasoning, garlic as disired
Detections: Heat oil in skillet on medium heat 
Slice selected squash 
Add all ingredients to skillet 
Sauté until disired tenderness 
•serving size 3-4 people 
* I also enjoy adding other veggies such as: mushrooms, bell peppers, green beans, broccoli, ect. 

Problem: We need to know more about hunger in Oregon and how our food production helps. 
Solution:  Research, collect, and compile information about hunger in Oregon. 
Test/Activity: Write a paragraph on the hunger in Oregon.
Communication: Present information to place on our web site and have it posted on Facebook. 
Leadership Skills: I learned how to gather proper information and how to help my community stay healthy.