Jon's Garden

Intern Profile 

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:  earning money and learning to work hard

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:
Working hard and learn to work with others

I think my biggest challenge will be: 
My favorite vegetable is: 
Picking plants
My least favorite garden task  is:  weeding
My most favorite garden task  is: planting

I think a leader is: when a person steps up to the plate at a troubling timr

My worst leadership skill or trait is: controling
My best leadership skill or trait is: i
Working hard

Garden Plan

My favorite plant to plant was: tomato
My lease favorite plan to plant was:
I think my plan worked because: 
I researched how to do a good garden

Garden Log

May 14-28: Planted many plants, including flowers. The flowers, nor the seeds came up, disappointing it was.
June 2: I replanted some plants, and added a new row of tomatoes, that counts three rows.
June 9: SO many weeds came up in my garden, and that was a huge problem, so I started to use a weed hoe to kill them.
June 16: That weed hoe didn't much, so i had to go to plan B, which was to mulch. We also ran out of paper, which wasn't good
June 23: We started to run out of paper, so it wasn't that good, but at least i'm getting somewhere!
June 27: Weeded
July 5: Weeded
July 12: Weeded
July 19: Weeded
July 26: Weeded and picked vegetables
Aug 2: Weeded and picked vegetables
Aug 9: Weeded and picked vegetables
Aug 16: picked and watered
Aug 22: picked and watered
Aug 29: picked and watered
Sep 8: picked vegetables, last week...YAY

Leadership Projects: CCD is when all the worker bees leave behind the queen, and a few nurses. 

Problem: CCD is when a colony of bees disappear leaving behind their queen and a perfect hive. This occurrence has been rising all over the world. In the six years this has been happening, from 2013, 10 million hives were lost. No one for sure knows what causes it, but there are ideas what might be behind the CCD. A large amount of speculation is pesticides.
Solution: Dont use alot of pestides, and dont use them by the Pollun
Document Results: 
Leadership: Communication

Leadership Projects: Water Trench

Problem: In the driest places on earth, with very little water. Farms can still exist, and this works by utilizing the smallest amounts of water and not lose ass much, by building trenches. Now, these trenches acted just like aqueducts. But these "aqueducts weren't made of stone, they weren't even made of any materials. People just dug large trenches guiding the water through farm land to water the crops.
Now, i tried this in my garden, and it works ok. The problem i had with mine was that the water didn't move as fast as because dirt kept eroding from the side and making walls, blocking the water from moving. The second is that the trench was to shallow, and that it wasn't at a certain degree. The water didn't move fast enough, and only made puddles, not a steady stream. I would have done better, if I planned my garden with these trenches, then planted, not to plant, then dig the trenches.
Leadership: Innovation
Web Link:

Leadership Project

I made a video describing my garden and what it is like working at the garden.