Our program started in the winter of 2013.

  • During the winter we obtained funding to create the garden and to provide six $500 internships to Dallas Youth.

  • In the spring we built the garden behind Trinity Lutheran Church in Dallas including a 12’x16’ garden shed, 6’x600’ deer fence, and a 350’ water system.

  • In partnership with Dallas High School, Polk County Service Integration, and 4H Extension we interviewed and then hired six interns.

  • Each intern was responsible for planning, developing and maintaining a 25’x50’ market garden.

  • Our interns maintained an on-line weekly blog of garden work activities. Each intern made formal garden presentations to the community and gave informal tours to garden visitors.

  • We had award winning participation at the Polk County Fair and participated in the Oregon State Fair.

  • We delivered more than 800 lbs. of fresh produce from August until early October to the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program, a program that weekly provides food to 300 food insecure families in the Dallas area.

  • At the close of the season we cleaned up and spread over 50 yards of manure on the garden. Each intern received letters of recommendation for a future job reference.

2013 Intern Gardens: Gardens

Picture from 2013 (Garden Construction): Pictures