2016 Interns

Intern Garden Supervisor (Minions) Order

1. Jon

2. Seth

3. Dyllan

4. Andy

5. Kim

6. Lindsey

7. Cayden

8. April

9. Michael

Leadership Template

Problem: What problem are you trying to solve

Solution: What solution will solve the problem.

Test: If your solution needs to be tested (like plant vs seed comparison) what is the planned test.

Document Results: What was the outcome? Did your solution work? What else could you have done?

Communication: Enter the date you communicated your test to the group.

Leadership: What leadership skills/traits) will this project help you with

Support Information

Western Days - Schedule and questions...

Thursday 11-12: Lindsey 7-8: Seth

Friday 10-11: April 7-8: Michael

Saturday 5-6: Dyllan

What to do..

Introduce yourself: Hi, I am xxx and am an intern at the Dallas Youth Garden this year.

Depending on how they answer or the start of answer to a question...

1) So what do you do?

Possible answer: you have designed and planted at 25x50 foot market garden. YOu could tell what you planted, what you like best, what you like worst, how much you have harvested etc..

2) So what is the youth garden?

Possible answer: the youth garden is a 4H program that hires interns to learn job skills, leadership, market gardening, and donates food to the mid-willamette valley food asistance program. Last year that garden donated over 5000 pounds of produce. This brochure explains more of the details of what we do.