Makynna's Garden

May 25-30 - Planting Garden

Planted - Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Dill, Oregano, Sweet Basil, Onions, Carrots, Squash, Zucchini, Nasturtiums, Marigolds, Jalapenos, Bell Peppers

June 6th -Staked Tomatoes

June 3rd-7th Watered Daily

June 7th - Noticed Chamomile was struggling, so I asked the supervisors and they recommended more water.

June 8th-14th - The tenperature was not hot enough to need waering, it even rained.

June 15th- Weeded Garden. Didn't need water till Tues.

June 15th - Picture of my rows or carrots and peppers.

June 22nd- Weeded alot and watered. Everything looks like its growing well. My carrots are going gang busters and I will need to thin them very soon.

June 25th- Made bug catchers and staked it near my marigold. Got the straw ready to be laid down on the 27th. Found a bug on my marigolds hopefully the catcher will remedy that.

June 27th - Laid one bail of hay along my paths and around the base of all my plants. Wasn't quite enough for the whole plot so will need half a bail more to finish the paths and zucchini

July 2nd - Got paid and watered my plants. All of them looking good and the bug catcher did work well. Carrots are going real well and I will thin them on either the 5th or 6th.

July 4th- 17th- Continued to water and weed everyday. Picked a couple tomatoes, first ones of the season. Garden looks to be on track.

July 20th- Finished drip system as well as caged tomatoes. Drip system looks good and I laid the water along my tomatoes so they shall be getting the brunt of the drip line water. We will see how it turns out. Also today I mixed fish fertilizer and put it on my peppers and squashes.

July 23rd- Watered and weeded the garden some more. The fish fertilizer helped out my plants a lot. Definitely a noticeable difference on my squashed and peppers.

July 25th- Watered and weeded the garden. I've got tomatoes growing strong; should be picking more soon. And I've got several bell peppers growing which will be picked in the near future.

August 1st- Watered and Weeded

August 3rd- Watered and weeded entire garden. Also I mixed some more fish fertilizer and put it on my peppers and squash so we will see if all goes well.

August 6th and 8th- Weeded and watered. Everything is going well will need to weed soon.

August 13th- Watered planning on weeding next time I am at the garden.

August 15th and 17th- Watered and weeded the garden some more. Got the majority of the weeds hacked back. My tomatoes and bell peppers are doing extremely. When my carrots are harvested I will have a bunch more of those. Also i went and picked up my fair prize. $10 cash prize for Top Senior Cut Flowers woo hoo!

August 31st - On Saturday the 31st I picked 21.5 lbs of food woohoo. I watered and picked tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, carrots, and peppers. I will need to weed on weds.

September 4th - Weds the 4th I watered my whole garden and weeded. Got it all nice and spiffy. Will have lots of stuff to pick on Sunday. :)

September 11th and 8th: Watered and weeded. Got ready for the final day. Picked 24.5 lbs of food!! Wooo!!

Total Garden Production (lbs): ______

Result - MP - Met Plan Projection, OK - Grew OK, B - Grew Badly, N-No Germination