Cayden's Garden


Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

I think my biggest challenge will be:

My favorite vegetable is:

My least favorite garden task is:

My most favorite garden task is:

I think a leader is:

My worst leadership skill or trait is:

My best leadership skill or trait is: i

Garden Plan:

My favorite plant to plant was:

My least favorite plant to plant was:

I think my plan worked because:

Garden Log:

May 14-28: In my garden I have so far planted everything and the plants are growing good

June 2: Working on Mulching and replacing one row of un grown carrots with tomatoes

June 9: Replacing cucumber seeds with lettuce transplant

June 16: Finishing up mulching and keeping eye for any plants ready for harvest

June 23: learning more about plants with some summer squashes that are growing fast

June 30: Picking large amounts summer squash and zucchini

Jul 7: Worked on weeding because there was millions

Jul 14: Tomatoes and Cucumbers sprouted fast

Jul 21: Preparing for presentations and open house

Jul 28: Did great at the open house with tremendous cabbage

Aug 4: Picked and watered

Aug 11: Worked at fair

Aug 18: Picked almost all the time and watered

Aug 25: Picked all of garden the whole time

Sep 1: Finished up letter and pulled weeds and picked tomatoes

Leadership Projects:

Problem: Which work better Cucumber Seeds or Starts

Solution: We ended up replacing the cucumber seeds with lettuce but recently little cucumber sprouts have been popping up and the starts are still going good so the starts work way better

Test: Take care of plants evenly and tape pictures along the way

Document Results: Cucumber starts grew good but not done yet and the limited seed plants are still working

Communication: Presenting Saturday,July 2

Leadership: Garden Improvement

Problem: There is no problem I just grew at home garden

Solution: Grow summer squash plants

Test: Plant squash and water as it grows

Document Results: One plant progressively growing faster then the others but others keeping good pace


Leadership: Education

Writing letter for garden masters

Thank you Master Gardeners

I have learned many things in my experience at the beloved Dallas youth garden. A lot of those things were thanks to you lovely people. I have learned from planting to picking and care for each and every one of the different plants. You have brought much joy to my experience at the garden and have helped me and the others while we're gone or even here you would help with picking and watering when we're going slow. Also thank you so much for the different variety of delicious snacks in the mornings and the brownies were definitely my favorite because who doesn't love chocolate. So all around thank you for all the loving support and friendship in the Dallas youth garden


Cayden Raymond