Dyllan's Garden

Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: I hope to learn more about the best and worst ways to garden. I also want to chart out a plan and then stick to the that plan I made.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: I view this as an opportunity to learn how to mange a large garden all by myself. I want to observe and learn from other peoples garden styles and then use that knowledge I learn.

I think my biggest challenge will be: I think the biggest challenge I will face as a Dallas Youth Garden Intern will be sticking to the garden plan I make.

My favorite vegetable is: My most beloved vegetables are tomatoes!

My least favorite garden task is: Tilling

My most favorite garden task is: Harvesting

I think a leader is: I see a leader as someone who leads a group of people. However they do not just lead a group of people they also try to get everyone in that group involved in whatever activity or project the group is working on.

My worst leadership skill or trait is: The leadership trait I am the worst with is leading. I usually get hung up on helping people and spending to much time trying to get everyone involved. So I never really lead I just join in the group.

My best leadership skill or trait is: Now my best leadership quality is involvment. When I am leading a group I always try to get everyone to be involved and to work together as one cohesive unit.

Garden Plan:

My favorite plant to plant was: Cucumbers

My lease favorite plant to plant was: Chard

I think my plan worked because: I used my time in a productive and useful way to complete my garden as proficient as i could.

Garden Log:

May 14-28: Started and finished planting my full 25x50 garden. I also fertilized all my starts to get them going.

June 2: Started to mulch my garden.

June 9: Helped others mulch there garden and caged my tomatoes.

June 16: Helped 1 other cage there tomatoes and ran out of news paper mulching.

June 18: Helped someone cage there tomatoes and mulched 30% of my garden.

June 21: Mulched 10% more of my garden.

June 23: Helped another DYG intern mulch.

June 25: Finished mulching all of my garden with help for our new intern.

June 28: Weeded and watered then helped others.

June 30: Weeded even more.

July 2: Watered and started weeding along the outside of my plot.

July 5: Started to shovel up the weeds and turn them over.

July 7: Began systematically weeding left to right.

July 14: Almost done weeding only a little bit left.

July 16: Finished weeding (I Know not for that long however) and weeded Michaels garden and Leaded weeding Lindsay's.

July 19: Weeds starting to grow back and harvested my first basil.

July 21: Started removing the weeds that have been growing back.

July 23: Finished up weeding then helped with April's garden.

July 26: Had our open house.

July 28: Wattered the full time it was really hot.

July 30: Wattered then helped weeding

August 2: Wattered, picked, and helped Kim pick beans.

August 4: Wattered and picked.

August 6: Picked

August 9: Choose stuff for fair.

August 11: Made zucchini bread and brought it to share.

August 12: went to fair sold peaches and my cucumbers are going to state fair

August 13: Took a vacation day

August 16: Watered and picked

August 18: Picked and watered all the time

August 20: Watered and weeded and got off early for good work

August 23: Watered and picked had some oversized stuff.

August 25: Talked about end of work days

August 27: Wattered and picked

August 30: Picked certain things for the food bank

September 1; Picked and talked about my projects

Leadership Projects:

Problem: We need to identify our self to the public.

Solution: To solve this we got T-shirts.

Document Results: Purple shirt with white letters in a bubble font the wording on the front says Dallas Youth Garden in an arc under one and another then on the back the lettering says Delivering Yummy Greens 2016.

Communication: I communicated this on 7/3/2016

Leadership: The leadership traits this needed was Effective communication, and Planning.

Problem: We want a wider outreach and more people to know about the Dallas Youth Garden.

Solution: We had an open house and I made a small stand with brochures and other informational packets to inform people about the Dallas Youth Garden.

Document Results: We got some money to improve the garden. Also we had people take brochures and they will spread the word about the Dallas Youth Garden.

Communication: I communicated this on 8/4/2016

Leadership: The leadership trait this needed was Effective communication.

Problem: We want more people to know about the Dallas Youth Garden to get more donations to improve the garden.

Solution: At summer fest we handed out brochures with the master gardeners.

Document Results: I met with 7 people and had a good conersation about the garden and they all took brochures and a few were interested in donationing.

Communication: I communicated this on

Leadership: The leadership for this is Garden improvement.

Problem: I want to see what is the best way to have tomatoes start and grow fast then educate the group on it.

Test: For the first month i grew one row of tomatoes planted with 75% of the stem under ground sideways. Then i planted the other row with the normal criteria.

Solution: I will educate the group that my results show it is better to plant them sideways because they grew faster and are producing faster then the ones that werent planted sideways.

Document Results: The sideways tomatoes are out passing the upwards one by 5% which is not a lot but it is a difference. They are also producing a little bit faster.

Communication: I communicated this on

Leadership: The leadership for this is Garden Education.