Luke's/Daisy's Garden


Daisy moved away part way through the summer and Luke (our alternate) stepped in!

Intern Profile

I want to work at the garden because:

Daisy: I want to work at the garden not only because it would look good on a resume and college applications, but because it will further instill important skills such as accountability and responsibility. I would also like to own and run my own farm and produce my own products; participating in the Dallas Youth Garden give me hands on experience working with plants and harvesting produce.

Luke: I want to work at the garden to learn how to grow all differnet types of flowers and vegetables and learn how to take care of a garden.

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

Daisy: Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are one: to integrate myself fully into the group and connect with everyone, and two: to put in my best effort, learn as much as I can and ask questions when I need to.

Luke: Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are perfect attendance getting there on time and learning the steps on taking care of a garden.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

Daisy: Two things I hope learn this summer are basic gardening skills and techniques, as well as the importance of following through with your commitments regardless of inconveniences.

Luke: Two things I hope to learn this summer while working in the garden is how to weed properly and how to take care of watering vegetables.

I think my biggest challenge will be:

Daisy: I think my biggest challenge will definitely be attendance.

Luke: I think my biggest challenge will be understanding new directions.

My favorite vegetable or fruit is:

Daisy: My favorite vegetable (currently) is Brussels sprouts.

Luke: My favorite fruit is blueberries. My favorite vegetable is zucchini.

I think a leader is:

Daisy: I think a leader is someone who pushes themselves and others to reach their greatest potential. They are both a leader and a teamplayer, they also tend to be problem solvers.

Luke: I think a leader is someone who helps others to reach higher potential.

I hope to contribute this leadership skill to the garden this season:

Daisy: I hope to hold myself to a high standard in order to reach my goals while also encouraging others to do the same for themselves.

Luke: I hope to give my full effort towards the garden

Garden Plan:

Rows of vegetables planted: 17

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 7

Planned Garden Yield: 224

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why:

My garden did not completely match my plan because for one, on one day I didn't bring my plan so I ended up planting my tomatoes higher up and my marigolds lower, I also made a mistake when measuring out the spaces for my basil, meaning one row may end up there and the other somewhere else, or they will both have to be moved.

Garden Log:

May 4: started work and removed tarps

May 7-11: measured out the gardening spaces, stomped out walk ways and rows, helped clean up after plant sale

May 14-18: planted rows in the garden, watering, tomato cages

May 21-25: Still planting rows in the garden, watering

May 28-June 1: Planting rows, watering, weeding

June 4-8: Planting rows, watering, weeding, finished planting on June 8

June 11-15: Weeding and then even more weeding

June 18-22: Weeding, Pollinator's Festival

June 25-29: Weeding

July 2-6: Weeding

July 9-13: Absent

July 25: Luke started!

July 27: Watering, Picked Zucchini and Summer Squash, and Weeding

July 30: Picking Kale, Watering, Weeded

August 1: Watering, Weeding

August 3: Watering, Find Vegetables for Fair

August 6: Wedding, Watering

August 8: Weeding, Watering

August 10: Picking, Weeding, Watering

August 13: Pick Tomatoes, Watering, Weeding

August 15: Weeding, Watering

August 17: Picking Greens, Watering, Weeding

August 20: Picking Greens, Weeding

August 22: Watering, Weeding, and turned in Donations

August 24: Absent

August 27:Pick Everything Water, Weeding

August 29: Short Day, Water, Weeding

August 31: Water,Weeding, Picked

September 3: Water, Weeding

September 5: Water, Weeding, Picked

September 7: PARTY!!

September 10: Watering

September 14: Water, Picked

September 17: Short Day: Watering

September 21: No Work

September 24:

September 28:

October 1: Clean Up Day:

Daisy's Leadership Project:

Problem: We need to find a way to represent ourselves and make our group known when we go out.

Solution: DYG t-shirts

Test/Activity: A small group of people, myself included, brainstormed t-shirt ideas and brought them to the group for a vote.

Results: We decided on a red shirt that says, "I love gardening from my head to-ma-toes"

Communication: A few individuals came up with t-shirt ideas and then they brought the ideas to the group to be discussed.

Leadership Skills: We had to independently come up with t-shirt ideas, including font, what the text would say, color, and we had to get a list of everyone's names and sizes

Luke's Leadership Project 1:

Problem: Finding a difference between a weeded garden and a non weeded garden

Solution: I'm gonna weed when I'm done watering or picking vegetables

Test/Activity: To see if weeds are good or bad for vegetables

Results: Weeds are Bad and they suck the water from the plant

Communication: A day came where we all helped out each of are gardens for 15 minutes

Leadership Skills: I thought of picking weeds to make my garden perfect



Luke's Leadership Project 2:

Problem: Making a Website about facts on the vegetables in my garden


Test/Activity: If vegetables have nutrients in them


Communication: Watch and see how long it takes to grow

Leadership Skills: Looked at all of the facts of the plants in the garden

Luke's Leadership Project 3:

Problem: What can I use in my garden from zucchini

Solution: I created Zucchini bread from one of my zucchini in my garden

Test/Activity: I used a Zucchini bread recipe with the zucchini I had.

Results: I finished my zucchini bread and shared it to the other interns

Communication: I use one of my family's cookbook to bake both of my zucchini's

Leadership Skills: I organized my ingredients to finish my goal