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Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

• Being able to speak in front of others and not be scared

• To become a better gardener so my at home garden will be better

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

• Better gardening skills

• How to handle money

I think my biggest challenge will be: Having the courage to talk to others

My favorite vegetable is: snap peas

My least favorite garden task is: Weeding

My most favorite garden task is: Harvesting and planting

I think a leader is: someone who is willing to lead a group with confidence

My worst leadership skill or trait is: talking to others

My best leadership skill or trait is: getting work done

Garden Plan:

Rows of vegetables planted: around 17

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: around 14

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: My garden did not match my plan because i had to plant less and i had to plant an extra row of tomatoes

My favorite vegetable to plant was: Basil, they smelled good and they look cute

Garden Log:

May 15-20: Made my plan and started to plant my garden.

May 22-27: I have planted seven rows of veggies.

May 29-June 3: I am almost done planting my garden.

June 5-10: I have finished planting my garden and have gotten my first pay check.

June 12-17: We have started to place newspaper and straw around our plants

June 19-24: We are still placing newspaper and straw around our garden, only seven more rows to go!!

June 26-July 1: Still putting newspaper and straw down.

July 3-8: I have finished placing newspaper and straw down, i got my second pay check!

July 10-15: We have started to harvest and we put cages on our tomato plants

July 17-22: We are still watering and caging tomatoes while harvesting every now and again, we had an open house and that was a lot of fun!

July 24-29: I"m watering my plants and caged the last bit of my tomatoes, gone from the July 27 to the first of August

August 1-6: got back from camping and have started to weed like crazy. we sold peaches at the fair to raise money! my onions made it to state!

August 8-13: still wedding and watering :(

August 15-20: nothing much has happened this week, i made it to state fair so i get to pick some veggies to enter!

August 22-27: State fair has started!! i just have been pulling alot of weeds, its pretty relaxing!

August 29-3: We are just watering and harvesting, i have been weeding alot and its fun.

Leadership Project:

Problem: People don't know about our garden.

Solution: talk to the master gardeners about the garden.

Test/Activity: make a short speech about my garden and tell the master gardeners about it on 6/15/17 at 8 pm.

Results: Now more folks now about our garden and what we do. Now we might get more helpers for the garden

Communication: I will tell everyone how it went on Saturday, 6/17/17.

Leadership Skill(s): communication / self-awareness because I'm not comfortable talking in front of people and that is what i will have to do for this leadership project.

Problem: I need a place to put my money that i get from this job

Solution: open up a bank account

Test/Activity: Go to the bank, open an account and put my money in my new bank account

Results: It went well! I had very little problems. i just stuttered a lot when she asked questions

Communication: I will tell everyone how it went

Leadership Skill(s): communication

Problem: why do we plant flowers in a veggie garden?

Solution: look up online to find out why they are important

Test/Activity: Look up " why do we plant flowers in a veggie garden " and write a paragraph on it, then tell everyone about it!

Results: I have wondered for a while now why we had to plant flowers with our veggies. The answer is really easy, planting flowers in your garden benefits everything! Flowers attract bees and other helpful insects. Without bees you are going to have a pretty pathetic garden. Some flowers also get rid of pest, like marigolds! Lastly flowers make your garden pleasing to look at. Flowers are important in a garden! So we should always have a row of flowers in every garden.

Communication: I will tell everyone about this.

Leadership Skill(s): garden improvement/education






Leadership Skill(s):