Kalon's Garden

May 30-June 1 - Planting Garden. I planted Carrots, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Lettuce, and Onions.

June 6 Today I staked up some of my Tomatoes!

June 8 My Carrots and Zucchini have started to come up!

June 11 Due to the hot weather I've been watering my garden almost daily since planting.

June 15 - A picture of my Onions.

June 11-18 Because of the weather I have only watered my garden once this week.

June 19-25 I only had to water once this week because of all the rain. I also weeded a few times and I've noticed a few Cucumber Beetles in my garden, hopefully the traps we all made should take care of that soon.

June 26 - July 2 Because of weather my garden has needed much more water this week. Besides watering I laid down some straw, and also weeded. I also noted that my Beetle trap is working great and I only saw one of them still in my garden.

July 3-8 This week I only watered Three times because my plants are finally starting to do much better after planting.

July 9-15 This week I put a manure tea on my garden which has really made my plants take off. I also watered three times and weeded a bit.

July 16-22 Alright so this week I watered Three times, put fish fertilizer on my plants, weeded, And installed my drip irrigation. The irrigation system is on my carrots, Zucchini, and some tomatoes. I've also got a few tomatoes that are almost ready to be picked! My zucchini will also need to be thinned this week.

July 23-29 My garden was watered three times this week. I also, gave a talk about my garden to our group, weeded, caged a few more tomatoes and noted that a few of them were ready to pick.

July 30-August 5 Normal watering this week. I picked my first few vegetables this week! Some tomatoes, green onions, and cucumbers.

August 6-12 I picked some cucumbers for fair and turned in a few more, along with some tomatoes. I noticed that I'm going to have a lot more tomatoes pretty soon.

August 13-19 Watered, weeded, and picked more vegetables this week. they are finally really starting to take off!

August 20-26 Had some hot weather for the beginning of the week so the plants needed a lot of water. I was able to pick many more cucumbers, lettuce, zucchini, and noted that my carrots are almost done growing. I think many of my plants have only just started fully producing and over the next month will have much more than the past few weeks.

August 27-Sept 4th - This week I watered, weeded, and picked my garden. In total this week I picked 12lbs. of produce! Yaay! All of my plants are still taking off and producing more and more, Over the next few weeks I believe is when my garden will be fully producing.

Sept 5th-Sept 15th - This week I finished weeding and picked 22 pouds of produce plus 34 heads of lettuce! I Still have lots of green tomatoes on the plants.

Garden Results

Total Garden Production (lbs): 55.5lbs.

Result - MP - Met Plan Projection, OK - Grew OK, B - Grew Badly, N-No Germination