Participant Tasks

Each program participant will endeavor to accomplish the following tasks:

1. Visit the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program to understand what food is needed and how it is distributed.

2. Work with advisors and other students to develop a written plan for a market garden to provide fresh produce for the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program.

3. Present and review market garden plans with advisors and other students.

4. Plant and maintain a weed free market garden during the summer months. (Plant by mid May 15)

5. With Master Gardener and Supervisor identify and address any issues that inhibit vegetable production.

6. With other members pick and deliver harvest. (Harvest in Early September)

7. Prepare garden for winter. (Early September)

8. Maintain a weekly log with pictures of garden progress on the Dallas Youth Garden Web Page.

9. Make presentations to the advisors on monthly garden progress and techniques learned.

10. Volunteer one day at the Willamette Valley Food Distribution center.

11. Make one presentation about your garden project to one of our supporting organizations.

12. Obtain $75 in donations to support the program


Dates : Start Date: May 1  End Date: September 15