Lindsey's Garden

Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: I want to showcase my hard work ethic to everyone working at the garden. I want to learn all I can from this job to gain some job experience.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: I would like to learn how to work with a group of people I do not know. I want to take all the info I can from this internship to learn how to grow my own food.

I think my biggest challenge will be: The biggest challenge I see myself facing is being honest about how my coeworks are doing.

My favorite vegetable is: The vegetable that is my favorite is carrots.

My least favorite garden task is: Weeding

My most favorite garden task is: Harvesting

I think a leader is: In my eyes a leader is a person who is a good role model. This person will work with the team they have and help them succeed in a task from the leaders extensive experience.

My worst leadership skill or trait is: The leadership trait I feel I am the worst with is taking multiple directions from my team.

My best leadership skill or trait is: The leadership skill I am at my best with is working hard to get my team on a course to completion.

Garden Plan:

My favorite plant to plant was: Sunflowers

My lease favorite plant to plant was: Basil

I think my plan worked because: It worked because I asked for help when needed and I made a commitment to keeping my garden neat looking.

Garden Log:

May 14-28: I planted my garden, started mulching, and worked on t-shirt design.

Leadership Projects: