Clover's Garden

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Intern Profile

I want to be garden intern because....

  • it benefits the community and I've always enjoyed gardening.

One of our primary goals for the garden is to provide fresh produce to the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program. Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

  • To make my garden thrive.

  • To get better at planning out gardens.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

  • I hope to learn to be more responsible and capable at talking on hard tasks..

  • To learn more about market gardening.

I think my biggest challenge will be:

  • Managing such a large garden.

My favorite vegetable is:

  • Peapods

My least favorite garden task is: weeding

My most favorite garden task is: watering

I think a leader is: I think a leader is someone who helps make people's (or one person's) life better in some way.

Garden Plan

Leadership Projects

Vinegar as insecticide

Problem: We need to find a way to get rid of cucumber bugs and other pests.

Solution: Figure out if vinegar can be used to repel or kill pests.

Test: Did internet research on vinegar for use in gardens.

Document: Vinegar shrivels plants on contact. Protecting the garden with it wouldn't yield very good results.

Communication: Communicate your findings to the group.

Leadership : Effective Communication

Problem: We need to know how much we have impacted the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program.

Solution: Figure out how much 3 kinds of the vegetables I grew would have cost.

Test: Figured out how many pounds of pattypans, cucumbers, and sweet peppers I grew, and looked up the price per pound of each one.


I grew 475.5 lbs of squash, 140.25 lbs of cucumbers, and 7.5 lbs of sweet peppers. Pattypan squash is $1.25 a lb, cucumbers are $2 a lb, and peppers are 1.25 a pepper, which is about $10 a lb. So all together, those 3 of my vegetables would equal:

1. Pattypans 570.32$

2. Cucumbers 280.50$

3. Sweet peppers 52.00$

My worst leadership skill or trait is: I is hard for me me to socialize with my coworkers but that allows me to focus on my job.

My best leadership skill or trait is: I work well with a variety of people and I don't mind if I'm given more than my fair share of work as long as it is appreciated.

Garden Log

June 3rd - I have pretty much my whole garden planted now. I'm just waiting on planting radishes, because they come up pretty quickly. Saturday I noticed that both the sunflowers and the cucumbers were growing! I'll post some pictures of them soon.

Here are the cucumbers. Half of them, I planted from starts. These were the first ones I planted from seeds to come up.

These are the sunflowers. They've grown 2 more sets of leaves since this picture was taken!

June 11th - When I was watering, I noticed a lot more plants were starting to come up. Right now there's some tiny chives, marigolds, basil, and radishes growing.

June 20- Everything is doing great, I planted the last rows of radishes, and my plants are growing fast. Too bad the weeds are growing faster...

June 28- This week, some of my squashes' leaves suddenly turned yellow. I'm going to fertilize them and see if they get better. I also had to replant some cucumbers,

because some of the seeds didn't come up. However, the ones that did come up are doing pretty well! I thinned out the radishes too. We harvest those this Tuesday.

July 12- Lots of weeds are coming up, so I've been mulching a lot of the time. Another problem I've had were squash bugs.

I was able to get rid of a lot of them using sticky traps. A few days ago, I was able to harvest a few squashes.

July 19- I've been trying to get rid of some crabgrass in my garden. Other than that, I planted Swiss chard where some lettuce didn't come up, and harvested a bunch of squash.

July 26- My squash and cucumber plants have been producing a lot! I haven't seen any ripe tomatoes yet, but I think they're coming pretty soon.

August 2- I harvested my first 3 peppers today. I've also been harvesting so much squash, I've had hardly any time to do anything else! My sunflowers and zinnias are beginning to bloom, too.

August 8th - Harvested more squash and peppers. Got a blue ribbon for squash exhibit at fair. Picked blue berries and sold them at the fair.

August 15th- The marigolds have started to bloom, and the white cucumbers are too.

August 21: I've been picking a lot of hot peppers and white cucumbers.

I found a few tomatoes, but some weren't looking very good. We put lime around the tomato plants, so hopefully that will help.

August 28: The tomatoes havent got much better, but its only affected a couple plants. There's a lot of sweet peppers now.

September 1: I thought the pattypan squash had peaked, but there's a lot more this week. Not as much as before, but its a lot better than last week!

September 13- The tomatoes are doing better this week, and the pattypans have a lot of new growth on them. I think the garden will be able to be harvested for a while.