Each intern manages a 25'x50' market garden. Progress notes and pictures for each garden are recorded weekly.

Alli's Garden

Andrew's Garden

Kalon's Garden

Katie's Garden

Andy / Kordan's Garden

Makynna's Garden

Garden Talk Outline (to be given by two interns at each Tuesday meeting).

    1. When did you plant your garden or last talk talk to the group about it?

    2. Since planting (or your last talk) what have you primarily been doing?

    3. What plants are growing best (and why) ?

    4. What plants are growing bad (and why) ?

    5. What do you think you need to do to make “bad” plants better?

    6. Tell about a crop/plant that is on schedule with your plan?

    7. Tell about a crop plant that is not on schedule with your plan ?

    8. What is your favorite crop/plant?

Deadline for Drip Irrigation Installation - July 23rd