Sierra's Garden!!! <3


Intern Profile

I want to work at the garden because: I love being outside!!!

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: To make friends and have fun

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: How to have better management and how to be a better leader

I think my biggest challenge will be: Staying focus

My favorite vegetable or fruit is: I really like Basil

I think a leader is: Someone who can tell a large group of people what to do but also not babysitting them while doing it

I hope to contribute this leadership skill to the garden this season: by watching over people and talking to them if they are going

over the line

Garden Plan:

Rows of vegetables planted: 20

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: alot

Optimal Garden Yield:

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: grew less then what i thought

Garden Log:

May 3-5: Started work and removed tarps, it smelled bad :(

May 8-12: Worked on plans helped at master gardeners plant sale!!!

May 15-19: Got done with the garden plans and started to plant!!! Its really fun!!!

May 22-26: Half way done with planting my garden!!! Yay!!

May 29-June 2: Got done planting my Garden!!!

June 5-June 9: We have started to mulching the gardens and the path ways. Saturday it started hailing and it messed up our work

June 12-16: Still Mulching :(

June 19-23: We have started to weed out garden like crazy, the radishes are almost ready to harvest

June 26-30: I have picked most of my radishes from my garden!! i also told people about my leadership project and we are STILL MULCHING!! >:(

July 3-7: We are almost done mulching, it was a pretty uneventful week

July 10-14: we got done mulching everyones garden ( all but the adult garden :( ) and we had an open house!! it was really fun

July 17-21: we started to harvest lettuce,basil and squash

July 24-28: just weeding and harvesting!!! nothing too interesting happened

July 31-August 4: weeding and i went on vacation

August 7-11: On vacation from the 2nd to the 7th, we sold peaches at the fair. Me and my partner made


August 14-18: weeding and picking

August 21-25: picking and we visited the food bank we donate too

August 28- September 1:

September 4-8:

August 21-26: weeded, watered, and harvested.

August 28- September 2: Weeded, watered, and harvested all the dill and onions.

Leadership Project:

Problem: Which cucumber grows faster? Does a start or seed grow faster/better

Solution: Plant a row of cucumbers in my garden, Half starts and half seeds

Test/Activity: I planted half a row of seeds and the other half with statrs and let them grow

Results: Only two of the seeds survived and only one of the seeds are doing really well.

The starts are doing very well, We should just use starts because they work better

Communication: I will tell my coworkers which one is more efficient!!!

Leadership Skills: Effective communication

Problem: Alot of people know jack squat about pollinaters

Solution: Go to dancing oaks nursery and learn more about them!!

Test/Activity: I went to dancing oaks nursery for work

Results: I learned alot of facts!! but three stood out to me the most

  • Honey bees are NOT native to Oregon

  • You can attrack humming birds to your garden by planting tubular flowers or warm colored flowers (reds, oranges and yellows!)

  • Most bees do NOT live in trees, 75% of bees live underground

Communication: I will tell my coworkers about this

Leadership Skills: Effective communication

Problem: Can you pick a green tomato and have it ripen after you pick it?

Solution: I picked a green tomato from my garden and im going to let it sit for a couple of days


day one: just picked so its still green

day two: still green

day three: very green

day twelve: Green but squishy

Results: I did it wrong, you are supposed to pick a green tomato with some signs of red on it.

I picked a full green tomato so it does not have the right chemicals to ripen. This chemical is called Ethylene, its a

gas that fruits produce that promotes ripening!

Communication: I will tell my coworkers so they dont make the same mistake!!

Leadership Skills: Effective Communication

Problem: Where does out food that we grow go to?

Solution: Go to the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program

Test/Activity: Get a tour of the place and ask questions, write down the answers

and put them into a paragraph for Dean

Results: We learned about where our food goes

Communication: I will give dean the answers in a paragraph form

Leadership Skills: Self Direction/Effective Communication