2015 Interns

Leadership Notes

Leadership Project Ideas

Garden Plan

(Word Document)

Garden Plan

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What You Need to do...

Fund Raising

3rd Leadership Project

StateFair Dates

8/22 - Prepare Veg Exhibits

8/24 (8AM) - Pick Flower Exhibits

8/24 (9AM) - Turn in exhibits

4H State Fair Help:: We need check-in helpers on Monday, the 24th, clerks & runners on Tuesday, the 25th and Wednesday, the 26th will be spend setting up the Exhibit Hall. Helpers will receive an admission ticket each day they volunteer, as a thank you for their efforts.

Contact: Judi Peters (503) 623-8395

at the extension office

If you participate you can use this as a makeup day. If you write up your experience you can use it as a community project.

Base Additional Pay - $50 (Total of $500)

1.All garden reviews are rated “Good or Excellent”

2.Showed up to work on time (no unexcused days)

3.No outstanding tasks from absences

4.All mandatory tasks completed

5.50+ lbs harvested

Advanced Additional Pay - $50 (Total of $550)

1.Met “Additional Pay” Requirements (See Above)

2.Not more the 2 absence per month

3.Additional leadership task completed

County Fair Results

State - State Qualifier