Leadership Projects

Leadership project - Tomato Comparison (By: Loish)

Tomatoes have two different kinds of plants. Determinate and indeterminate are what they are called. Each plant is different in unique ways.

The determinate tomato plants are also called bush plants. Determinate tomato plants grow to a certain height and when the tomatoes are all ready then die. The certain height thy grow to is about 4 feet. Also, you should not prune, or cut away, this plant. It will reduce the amount of product you get from that tomato plant. These tomatoes don't require cages but it's still nice to have. Some examples of determinate tomatoes are Rutgers, Roma, and Celebrity.

Indeterminate tomato plants grow until killed by frost. 6 feet is about the normal height of a indeterminate tomato plant. The tomato plant grow and ripen at the same time throughout the season. These indeterminate tomato plants require a cage to support their size. Examples of indeterminate tomato plants are most "cherry" tomatoes and most heirloom tomatoes.

In conclusion, there are two different kinds of tomato plants. They are called determinate and indeterminate. The indeterminate tomato plant is probably best to have because it continues growing until it's cold. Even though it takes more care, it will give you more than the determinate tomato plant.