Andy's Garden

Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: Winning a ribbon and create a successful garden.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: How to grow different vegetables and flowers, and how to harvest my vegetables.

I think my biggest challenge will be: Being outside in the hot sun.

My favorite vegetable is: Broccoli

My least favorite garden task is: Fertilizing my plants.

My most favorite garden task is: Planting seeds.

I think a leader is: Someone who can give instructions to a group of people.

My worst leadership skill or trait is: Communication

My best leadership skill or trait is: Following instructions

Garden Plan:

My favorite plant to plant was: Onions.

My least favorite plan to plant was: Summer squash

I think my plan worked because: I have created a garden.

Garden Log:

May 14-28: Planted my garden

June 2: Fertilized my garden.

June 9: Started mulching.

June 16: Mulched half of my garden.

Jun 28: Harvested Squash, Chard and Broccoli.

July 5: Harvesting and watering

July 12:Harvesting and watering

July 19: harvesting and watering

July 26: Harvesting tomatoes and gave tours of my garden

August 2: Started to harvest cabbage and green beans

August 9:Picked carrots and marigolds for the fair

August 16: Harvesting and watering

August 23: Harvesting carrots and marigolds for state fair

August 30: Harvested onions

September 6: Water and harvest all carrots

Leadership Projects: Bank account

Problem: You need a safe place to deposit and access your money.

Solution: Make a bank

Communication:To open a bank account you need to go with your parents and bring 2 Valid ID's and your U.S Social Security number. I went and opened a bank account at Oregon State Credit Union and placed money into my check ins and savings. If you are a teen and open an account at Oregon State Credit Union they give you a free water bottle for opening an account. One reason I think having a bank account is better is you won't have to carry around cash and others won't know how much money you have in your account. To check how much money you have in your accounts you can go on your computer or phone and check your account. On your phone, you are able to transfer money from your savings to your check in's without any cost and vise versa. If someone does steal your card then they will have to put in a 4 digit pin number, this is also another reason why carrying a card is safer than carrying cash.

Leadership:This project would help you with Trust, Planning and Vison.

Leadership Projects: Hunger research project

Problem:We need to know more about hunger in Oregon and how our food production helps.

Solution: Research, collect and compile information about hunger in Oregon.

Communication: Oregon is currently ranked 3rd for food insecurity in 2015 and also the highest food stamps percentage. The Willamette Valley food assistance program helps family with low incomes. The Willamette Valley food assistance program is a non-profit organization since 2013. Getting a membership means each family is allowed to get food each week to help their family's.

Leadership: Effective communication and self direction.

Leadership Projects: Drain tile

Problem:We need ways to improve productivity in the garden.

Solution:Create a drain tile around the garden

Test:Apply tubing around the garden in the ground


Communication:Drain tile is used in farms to keep the fields from over saturation which limits plant growth. Drain tiles were first used back in 1838 by John Johnston who installed clay tiles on his farm. He was then named "The Father of Tile Drainage in the United States".

Leadership: Trust,Vision,Planning,Self Direction and Ability to work with a group.