Coven's Garden

Intern Profile

I want to work at the garden because: I love gardening, and it's a great way to grow my job experience doing something I enjoy.

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

1. To grow and maintain a producing garden.

2. To gain more experience and knowledge on gardening.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

1. How to grow/care for plants more effectively.

2. The basics of having a job; better responsibility, teamwork, etc. .

I think my biggest challenge will be: Growing each type of plant with equal success, and not having any vegetables that don't produce very well.

My favorite vegetable or fruit is: Bell pepper.

I hope to contribute this to the garden this year: I hope to contribute a good crop and to be a good team member.

Garden Plan:

Vegetables and Flowers Planted (list in order):

Pepper x2
Yellow Squash
Squash Crookneck

Rows of vegetables planted: 15

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 14

Planned Garden Yield: 355lbs

Total Biggest Producer: Zucchini (50lbs)

Time Sheet:

May Days Off: 1

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

June Days Off: 0

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

July Days Off: 1

Extra Days: Answer

Days Late: Answer

August Days Off: Answer

Extra Days: Answer

Days Late: Answer

September Days Off: Answer

Extra Days: Answer

Days Late: Answer

Total Days Off: Answer

Final Thoughts:

My favorite vegetable was Answer

Because: Answer

My most productive vegetable was zucchini, and I harvested _ Answer__ Pounds.

My least productive vegetable was __ Answer__ and I harvested_ Answer_ Pounds.

My total harvest for the year was _ Answer_ Pounds.

My favorite job was: Answer

My least favorite job was: Answer

I could have done better at: . Answer

I did the best I could doing: picking the right size of produce. Answer

The two things I learned most at the garden this year were: Answer

1. Answer

2. Answer

Garden Log:

May 1-7: Zoom meetings and planned my garden.

May 8-14: Planted my garden

May 15-21: Planted my garden

May 22-28: Weeded, watered, and started laying paper and straw

May 29-June 4: Layed paper and straw

June 5-11: Layed paper and straw

June 12-18: Weeded, picked flowers off of zucchini, harvested radishes, thinned rows.

June 19-25: Thinned, fertilized, weeded,

June 26 - July 2: Weeded, layed main pathways with bark dust

July 3 - 9: Weeded, harvested lettuce & zucchini

July 10 - 16: Harvested zucchini, lettuce, beets, and yellow squash

July 17 - 23:

July 24 - 30:

July 31 - Aug 6:

August 7 - 13:

August 14 - 20:

August 21 - 27:




How to Cook It:



Food Assistance:

Date Attended: 7/21/21

What did you help with? Giving the food out to people.

What were people like? The people were all very nice.

What did you learn? I learned that I have to run out into the street and stop cars in order for them to take FREE food. It was super fun though.

Garden Project/Problem Solved

Problem: Answer

Solution: Answer

Test/Activity: Answer

Results: Answer

Communication :Answer