Julia's Garden

Intern Profile

I want to work at the garden because:

I want to be a garden intern because I want to get some job experience and I love being outdoors.

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

1. I would love to become more knowledgeable about how to be a successful gardener

2, I would also like to be able to help as many hungry people as I can.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

1. I hope to learn as much as I can about gardening.

2. I also hope to learn how to b a god employee

I think my biggest challenge will be:

I think my biggest challenge will be knowing how to problem solve obstacles that may pop up in my garden.

My favorite vegetable or fruit is:

My favorite vegetable is a sugar snap pea because I love the way they taste fresh.

I think a leader is:

To me a leader is someone who takes the initiative in a challenge and is able to motivate others to do their best, and complete their tasks. A leader is also someone who is confident but not pushy, they arn't afraid to share their opinions but always do so in a nice way.

I hope to contribute this leadership skill to the garden this season:

I feel like I am a fast learner and a good teacher. I am also willing to help others whenever they need it.

Garden Plan:

Vegetables and Flowers Planted:


Butternut squash

Acorn squash

Yellow squash


Crookneck squash











Rows of vegetables planted: 16

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 14

Planned Garden Yield: 333 lbs.

Planned Biggest Producer: Zucchini

Time Sheet:

May Days Off: 0

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

June Days Off: 1

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

July Days Off: 2

Extra Days: 1

Days Late: 0

August Days Off: 1

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

September Days Off: 1

Extra Days:

Days Late: 0

Total Days Off: 5

Final Thoughts:

My favorite vegetable was Acorn squash

Because: they looked so tiny but yet they were so dense that they gave you a lot of pounds

My most productive vegetable was zucchini and I harvested 62.7Pounds.

My least productive vegetable was cucumbers and I harvested 2 Pounds.

My total harvest for the year was 238.4 Pounds.

My favorite job was: Watering

My least favorite job was: weeding

I could have done better at: Getting rid of cucumber bugs sooner so they don’t infect my squash

I did the best I could doing: At the end I think I did a really good job of keeping up on my weeding

The two things I learned most at the garden this year were:

1. You have to be on top of everything all the time because stuff really grows fast or dies really fast so you need to be on top of it.

2. I also learned that patience is a big key throughout everything in the garden, from watering so you water enough, to weeding so it

Doesn’t get out of hand, to picking your vegetables at the ripest so they aren’t to small, or to big.

Garden Log:

May 9: I planned my garden and started planting.

May 16: I continued planting my garden. I planted all my squash, radish, and carrots

May 23: I finished planting my garden!

May 30: This week I watered my garden and others gardens. I also weeded and made my sign.

June 6: This week I weeded.

June 13: I continued to weed and we started laying stray. I also picked my first radish’s. Less than one pound.

June 20: I weeded and picked radishes and laid down more straw

June 27: I weeded and picked more radish’s and prepared for laying straw and laid straw.

July 4: This week I harvest Yellow squash and radish’s. I also weeded and watered my garden.

July 11: This week we finished laying straw and I also harvested some yellow zucchini and yellow squash.

July 18: I harvested Squash and Zuchini and continued to weed, I also spread fertilizer

July 25: This week I harvested lots more squash and Zuchini! I weeded tons, and also watered extra to try to cope with the heat :)

Aug. 1: I was gone on Tuesday and Thursday but on Saturday I picked squash and beans. I also weeded a lot.

Aug. 8: This week I continued to weed and pick squash and beens! I also picked some beets and started picking some winter squash.

Aug. 15: This week I watered and weeded my garden and harvested my first peppers!

Aug. 22: I missed Tuesday this week but on Thursday and Saturday I harvested more produce and trimmed back my tomatoes!

Aug. 29: This week I continued to weed and water my plants and harvested my carrots, peppers, and my final squash

June Leadership Project:

Problem: Why are so many Radish’s splitting?

Solution: Research why Radish’s split and try to prevent that in the garden

Test/Activity: I read many websites about why radish’s split.

Results: According to Thespruce.com Radish’s split due to uneven watering, so after a long period of drought and then heavy rain

or over watering they will split. Sometimes it happens as just part of growing but often it is due to the watering. They recommend that

your radish’s get at least 1in of water a week.

Communication: I will communicate my results with the group sometime this week.


July Leadership Project:

Problem: How to use fresh vegetables in yummy ways!

Solution: Research recipes and make one for the group to see if they like it!

Test/Activity: I found a recipe for chocolate Zucchini cake so I am taking fresh Zuchini from my garden at home and making that cake

For me to bring in on Saturday

Results: The cake turned out Amazing! Everyone seemed to enjoy it!!

Communication: I communicated my results with the group on Saturday the 25th.

August Leadership Project:

Problem: Why are my squash turning yellow and wilting?

Solution: I researched online why my squash were severely wilting and turning yellow and brown and dying and try to see if there

was anything that I could do!

Test/Activity: Based off of multiple pictures on plant village it seems like my squash are suffering my a bacterial infection

that is most commonly transferred by cucumber bugs. Most of the time there isn’t much you can do to save them once they are


Results: Although there isn’t much we think we can do we are going to try to spray the bugs and see if my squash will start to do any


Communication: I will communicate my results with the group the end of August.


Extra Leadership Project:

Problem: What are the benefits and weakness of the two types of tomatoes I planted?

Solution: I will research to try to find the positives and negatives to planting the two different varieties of tomatoes.

Test/Activity: I will look on many websites to try to find the most accurate pros and cons to each plant.

Results: I planted Goliath tomatoes and Jory tomatoes. According to hometown seeds the benefits of the Goliath tomatoes are

that they are normally firm, meaty and have littles seeds. They are also supposed to be one of the easiest tomatoes to slice. Another

thing is that that are less susceptible to disease but are also more prone to bugs. Jory tomatoes on the other hand according to

Adaptive seeds the benefits of the Jory tomato is that is blooms and produces fruit for a longer season, these plants are mainly used

for canning. I couldn’t really find any downsides.

Communication: I will communicate my results with the group in the beginning of September