Shyla's Garden (aka, shy shyla)


Shyla Planting Watering

Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are: learn

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are: How to garden better, and how to plant and grow good food

I think my biggest challenge will be: planting

My favorite vegetable is: cucumbers

My least favorite garden task is:planting, and watering

My most favorite garden task is: measuring, and picking weeds

I think a leader is: When someone can take central when they have to, but in a kind matter.

My worst leadership skill or trait is: shyness

My best leadership skill or trait is: When you get to know me I warm up to you.

Garden Plan:

Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers Planted (in order)

1.cabbage, tomatoes, onions,cucumbers,squash,lettuce, peppers, carrots, and squash

2. basil, chives

3.zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers

My favorite plant to plant was: zinnias

My lease favorite plan to plant was: summer squash

I think my plan worked because: some of my zinnias are growing fast.

Garden Log:

May 16 - Started Planted

May 19 - Continued Planting.

May 21 - Couldn't go this day

May 23 - Planted Zinnias, cabbage,onions,tomatoes, I planted the zinnias in a pattern pink purple for the row

May 26 - Planted, radishes, squash, marigolds, and lettuces

May 28 - Today i planted peppers and basil, My zinnias are beginning to grow, they are now peaking out from the ground.

June 4 - started putting newspaper down on the garden.

June 6 - continued setting down newspaper.

June 16- weeded my garden

June 18 - putting down newspaper and hay

June 20 - weeded and continued putting down paper and hay

June 23 - continued putting paper and hay down

June 25 - (came early) Finished Mulching and put down fish fertilizer Note my peppers, squash and tomatoes are coming up

June 27 -wasn't feeling well

June 30 -picked some squash, broccoli, and a green onion. filled out the fair papers

July 2 - put down clam shells and watered

4th of July - had to help my dad with getting the BBQ ready couldn't come

July 7 - watered and picked patty pan

July 9 - watered

July 11- picked, watered,

July 13- picked and watered

July 14- wasn't here

July 16- picked patty pan

July 18-put down bark chips

July 20 - brought a friend and i picked patty pan

July 22- pick patty pan also had a friend with me

July 24 - my friends went with me to work helped me pick and water

July 25- parade didn't get to work used my last day

July 28 - open house

July 30 - watered and started pulling weeds

August 1 - watered and pulled weeds

August 4- picked out what to bring to fair, and picked other things to donate

August 6 - watered and picked

August 7 - went to fair

August 8 - pay day watered and picked patty pan

August 11- watered and picked everything

August 13 - got stung by a bee and found out I'm allergic

August 15 - watered

August 18- picked everything today

August 20 -watered and picked everything

August 22- picked for fair and watered

August 25- picked and watered

August 27 - watered and picked

August 29 - had a meeting because it was raining out 10-11

August 1 - watered picked everything, and i help steph out

August 4- picked and watered

August 6 - watered picked

August 8 _ picked watered

August 11 -watered picked patty pan

August 13 - watered picked

August 15 -watered picked and also watered for Stephan

August 18 - watered picked

August 20 - picked watered

August 22 - watered and picked

August 25 - picked from garden and watered

August 27 - watered, picked and had some laughs

August 29 - watered and picked

Sep 1 - picked watered

Sep 3 - watered

Sep 5 - picked watered

Sep 8 - picked and watered

Sep 10 - Felt sick couldn't go

Sep 12 - I slept in

Leadership Projects:

Partner Presentation

Problem: Our partners need to be information of our garden progress.

Communication / Solution: I presented my garden progress to the Master Gardeners.

Leadership: This leadership project will help me with talking in front of crowds.

Container Garden Project

Problem: Can our plants be successfully grown at home in an container garden.

Solution: Take starts or seeds home and plant. I planted

Results: healthy plants

Communication: Make a log of what you planted, what grew, and how your family used it.

Leadership: trust and, planning

the container garden has tomatoes and sunflowers

Food Prep Project

Problem: We need to know and communicate how produce grown in our garden can be prepared.

Solution: Take produce home, find a recipe you like, prepare produce bring it back. The recipe I found on the internet was this squash cake which was overall pretty easy to make and also pretty enjoyable also.:]

Communication: took home 4 tomatoes and one good sized cucumber

The cucumber and tomato salad

    • cucumber

    • tomatoes

    • Italian dressing

    • peal and cut up the cucumber

    • cut up the tomatoes

    • put them in a bull and add the Italian dressing

    • and enjoy (:

Leadership: below

Self Direction: You know how to get things done, how to organize tasks and how to avoid procrastination. Leaders take the steps to get the job done to meet the vision and work until goals are met

Planning : The ability to plan or organize tasks to meet the goal or vision.