Regan's Garden


Intern Profile

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

I think my biggest challenge will be:

My favorite vegetable is:

My least favorite garden task is:

My most favorite garden task is:

I think a leader is:

My worst leadership skill or trait is:

My best leadership skill or trait is:

Garden Plan:

Rows of vegetables planted: 20

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 17

My garden did or did/not match my plan and why: My garden plan was slightly modified. The 2nd row of carrots was replaced with chard.

My favorite vegetable to plant was: Marigolds.

Garden Log:

May 15-20: Prepared the gardens by measuring and marking boarders. Started planting my garden and finished up the first three rows.

May 22-27: Continued planting my garden. Finished rows 4-10; halfway done planting!

May 29-June 3: Continued planting each day. Finished planting all but one row in the garden.

June 5-10: Planted last row in my garden. Began mulching with my team.

June 12-17: Continued mulching and weeding.

June 19-24: Vacation

June 29-July 1: Vacation

July 3-8: Watered, weeded and harvested radishes.

July 10-15: Weeded, harvested chard, broccoli and more radishes. Then began placing tomato cages.

July 17-22: More weeding and harvesting with an open house on the 20th.

July 24-29: Continued to weed and harvest vegetables.

July 31-Aug 5: Lots of watering, weeding, and harvesting. Began preparing for the fair.

Aug 7-12: Picked and prepared our vegetables and flowers for the Polk County Fair. Entered them and sold peaches at our booth on the 11th and continued our weeding and harvesting.

Aug 14-19: Watered, weeded, and picked vegetables for the state fair.

Aug 21-26: A large harvest of cabbage and other veggies on the 22nd. Then more weeding and watering.

Aug 28-Sep 2: Picked all the basil and onions, plus other veggies. Continued watering and weeding.

Sep 4-9: Last week! Finished with picking peppers, carrots, chard and more squash and tomatoes.

Leadership Project: T-Shirts

Problem: We need a way to identify the Dallas Youth Garden and its interns.

Solution: We will design and create t-shirts.

Test/Activity: We will work with the other interns to decide on a design and collect sizes. Then we will work the t-shirt company, collect money, and distribute the shirts.

Results: We got our shirts back from Graphic Latitude then collected money and handed them out. They turned out great!

Communication: We explained to the interns and supervisors our final design and later worked with Graphic Latitude.

Leadership Skills: Planning, Self-Direction, Ability to work with a team.

Leadership Project: Bank Account

Problem: I need a place to deposit my money.

Solution: I created a bank account.

Test/Action: I went to Oregon State Credit Union to create my account and learn how to use it.

Results: The process of creating a bank account is fairly simple and straight forward, involving answering questions and entering information about yourself. Having an account is helpful because it teaches you about money and savings, plus keeps your money safe and all in one place.

Communication: I worked with an employee at the bank to open my first bank account. To do this you need to bring your Social Security number and a parent. To start off they will need valid ID's and basic information. It's important to have a parent with you because they will need information from their account to create yours. Then you get to pick which kind of account you want and enter in your contact information. At the end you'll be given an account number and they'll talk you through how to access your account from home, as well as answer any questions you may have. You can transfer any money you have into your account at this time too. When you finally leave, you get to go home with paperwork that explains everything you went over in case you need to go over it.

Leadership Skills: Planning, Effective communication, Vision

Leadership Project: Summerfest Booth

Problem: We need to tell people about the Dallas Youth Garden.

Solution: We will have a booth at this year's Summerfest.

Test/Action: At the booth we told people about DYG and answered any questions they had.

Results: There were not too many people that inquired about the garden. Our shirts however were a good way to start a conversation. Next time we should try approaching people to introduce ourselves and explain how the garden works.

Communication: On Friday July 28th I worked at the booth for an hour, telling the community about Dallas Youth Garden.

Leadership Skills: Effective communication, Self-direction

Leadership Project: Tomato Cages

Problem: We need to figure out when the best time to cage tomatoes is in order to improve the garden in the coming years.

Solution: Learn more about caging tomatoes and when cages should be put in place.

Test/Action: I researched tomato cages.

Results: I discovered tomatoes should be caged right after transplanting, or quickly afterwards, around 10 days. There are several different kinds of tomato cages used, including the store bought ones, homemade with concrete reinforcing or other wire, and wooden stakes. These cages are important to have because they reduce the possibility of damage, disease, or plant breakage.

Communication: Now I will tell the other interns and supervisors about when to put tomato cages in.

Leadership Skills: Self-direction, Effective communication