Issac's Garden

Intern Profile

I want to work at the garden because: I have a garden at my house and I thought it would be a challenge (as it is so far).

Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

1. to have a sustaining garden

2. to have at least 5 pumpkins this seasons

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

1. how to better take care of plants

2. how to harvest the veggies

I think my biggest challenge will be: keeping the plants alive

My favorite vegetable or fruit is: pickled beets

I hope to contribute this to the garden this year: by having good produce and being a good team member

Garden Plan:

Vegetables and Flowers Planted (list in order):


butternut squash


acorn squash

crookneck squash

yellow squash










Rows of vegetables planted: 15

Number of different kinds of vegetables planted: 14

Planned Garden Yield: 263

Total Biggest Producer: zucchini

Time Sheet:

May Days Off: 2

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

June Days Off: 0

Extra Days: 1

Days Late: 0

July Days Off: 0

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

August Days Off: 2

Extra Days: 1

Days Late: 0

September Days Off: 2

Extra Days: 0

Days Late: 0

Total Days Off: 6

Final Thoughts: nothing

My favorite vegetable was tomatoes

Because: they were easy to pick

Final Thoughts:

My most productive vegetable was crook neck and I harvested _98__ Pounds.

My least productive vegetable was __ peppers__ and I harvested_ 1.2_ Pounds.

My total harvest for the year was _ 328_ Pounds.

My favorite job was: picking

My least favorite job was: watering

I could have done better at: . weeding

I did the best I could doing: picking the right size of produce. yes

The two things I learned most at the garden this year were:

1. not to wait to weed

2. water longer

Garden Log:

May 1-7: Zoom meetings and planned my garden.

May 8-14: Planted my garden

May 15-21: Planted my garden

May 22-28 : laid down hay/worked on my website

May 29-June 4: laid down hay

June 5-11: laid down hay

June 12-18: thinned radishes and weeded

June 19-25: Thinned, fertilized, weeded,

June 26 - July 2: Weeded, laid bark dust

July 3 - 9: Weeded, picked squashes

July 10 - 16: Weeded, picked squashes

July 17 - 23:weeded, picked squashes and lettuce

July 24 - 30:weeded, picked squashes and lettuce

July 31 - Aug 6:weeded, picked squashes and lettuce

August 7 - 13:weeded, picked squashes and tomatoes

August 14 - 20:weeded, picked squashes and tomatoes

August 21 - 27:weeded, picked squashes and tomatoes

Recipe: Dill dip


1 cup sour cream

1 cup manais

2 tablespoons of fresh dill

2 tablespoons of dried dill (optional)

1/2 teaspoon of thyme

How to Cook It:

mix all ingredients together

let it sit in a fridge until cold


Food Assistance:

Date Attended:1st of september

What did you help with? giving out the food to people

What were people like? nice

What did you learn? how hard it is to give away free food

September PCMG Board Meeting

we talked about how the garden worked and what we did