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Planting peppers Garden sign is done! Watering cabbages

Carrots got blue ribbon at county fair Weigh in of zucchini harvest State Fair Results - Champion and Reserve Champion

Intern Profile

I want to be garden intern because....

  • To become a better gardener.

  • To help people.

One of our primary goals for the garden is to provide fresh produce to the Willamette Valley Food Assistance Program. Two of my personal goals for working at the Dallas Youth Garden this summer are:

  • Be the top producer of food.

  • Not to be absent.

Two things I hope to learn for working at the Dallas Youth Garden are:

  • Improve my skills growing plants and improving personal growth.

  • Leadership skills.

I think my biggest challenge will be:

  • Not forgetting stuff I need to complete.

My favorite vegetable is:

  • Carrots!

My least favorite garden task is: weeding

My most favorite garden task is: harvesting

I think a leader is: Someone who understands people's needs and provides for them.

My worst leadership skill or trait is: Organizational skills.

My best leadership skill or trait is: Understanding needs.

Garden Plan


Leadership Projects:

Bat House Project

Problem: We need to reduce garden pests

Solution(s): Build two bat houses.

Species attracted: Fringed Myotis

Installation Instructions: Orientate the house in a south to southeast facing direction to capture as much mid- day sun as possible. Six hours of direct sunlight a day is ideal. If two bat houses are being installed back to back, place one facing south and one facing north or one facing east and one west to allow for varying temperatures.

Bat House Plan:


Communication: Basically guys this is going to help keep the bug population down so that we don't get a lot of our plants and flowers attacked by those nasty little black beetle bugs

Leadership:Self Direction: You know how to get things done, how to organize tasks and how to avoid procrastination. Leaders take the steps to get the job done to meet the vision and work until goals are met.


Problem:We need to communicate information about our garden to the public and we continue to need funds for the garden.

Solution: Work with garden supervisors to obtain blueberries and create a visual aid for a county fair booth to attract public.

Communication: Man the booth for four hours during fair and sell blue berries and discuss the garden with the public.

Fund Raising: Sell the blueberries from the booth

Leadership: You have the ability to communicate in writing or by speaking to communicate your goals or vision and plans for achieving them to others.

Leaders don’t lead by telling people what they have to do. Instead, leaders motivate people to want to help them as they take steps to complete the plans to meet the vision or goals. They have a social awareness of how a group can positively work together.

Hunger Research Project

Problem: We need to know more about hunger in Oregon and how our food production helps.

Solution: Research, collect, and compile information about hunger in Oregon.

Communication: Present information (100 words or so) to place on our web site and present to the group.

Leadership:Effective communication: You have the ability to communicate in writing or by speaking to communicate your goals or vision and plans for achieving them to others.

Oregon, only a decade ago was ranked one of the highest states in the United States for having a major food problem.

Having a food assistance program like the Dallas youth garden really help local communities and it slowing is progressing to solve the hungry problem in Oregon.

Nearly a million people in Oregon are "food insecure" a survey done by the USDA in 2012. There are a decent amount of food assistance programs in the state like the CSC youth garden

Located in Corvallis Oregon and there program in sort of like this but the only difference is that they sell their produce unlike the Dallas youth garden which gives all the produce that all the

Interns grow and donate them to the Willamette valley food program. The bottom line is that Oregon has a food problem and programs like this one are slowing making a difference in the

Polk county community.

Weekly Garden Log

June 3rd - I have about 3/4 of my garden complete. I have made a few changes to my garden plans but nothing too drastic.

I'm planing on being done by this satrday when we meet again.

June 5th - fully completed my garden now onto filling up on some of the rows that i accidentally didnt fully plant on

June 7th - fertilized all of my cabbage and most of my peppers with the fish stuff

June 10th- offically started weeding learned how to use a actual weeding tool instead of just using my hands

June 12- dean finally installed my very own hose so now i dont have to share which i had no problem doing

June 14- I was absent this day i was in sisters attend a rodeo!!!

June 17 - pretty easy day i just mainly weeded and watered and made everything look somewhat better

June 19- I noticed that my sun flowers , carrots ,and marigolds are starting to pop up .

June 21- I started watering first then the group started laying hay down around certain plants which makes weeding easier

June 24 - Weeded most of the time and watered towards the end

June 26- Had a group meeting for most of work and then at the end we made signs with our names on them to mark which garden is ours

June 28 - laided down hay for a good portion of that day with nan and barb

July 1 - Weeded and watered noticed that one of my herbs are starting to pop up

July 3 - Simply day water and weeded and put some paper down

July 5 - Watered and weeded and did my eval and figured out some things i need to improve on

July 8 - Watered and did little weeding and then fertalized a little

July 10 used some fertilizer on my cabbage and talked with nan about how I could improve my garden

July 12 took a vacation with the family

July 15 did my eval with barb and we talked about thing I can improve on within my garden

July 17 weeded a good portion of my garden and then watered for Lindsay

July 22 worked and weeded and watered for awhile

July 24 had the day off because of a event at the church

July 26 noticed that my flowers are finally starting to look decent

July 29 watered and weeded and talked to dean about my leadership project

July 31 weeded and watered... found a whole bunch of weeds under my plants hidden

Aug 2 like always weeded and water and figured out what i was takeing to fair

Aug 5 harvested and fill paperwork out for the fair things

Aug 7 weeded and watered pretty easy day

August 8th - Harvesting zucchini and carrots from garden. Got a blue ribbon for carrot exhibit at fair. Picked blue berries and sold them at the fair.

Aug 9 watered and weeded alot and left early because i was done with everything

Aug 12 weeded and harvested had some decent size ones

Aug 14 harvested 3 pretty big size zukes that i should have picked on tuesday and then weeded for the rest of the day

Aug 16 Harvested the zukes i didnt see on tuesday and there wernt as bad and weeded a little bit

Aug 19 harvested alot of zukes today if i remeber correctly it was close to 50 pounds worth

Aug 21 weeded and watered and starting to figure out what im going to do for my third and final project

Aug 23 harvested the ones that got to big from tuesday and then did my eval with nan

Aug 26 harvested and then picked a few nasty weeds

Aug 28 harvested the ones i missed on tuesday only missed one base ball bat this time :]

Aug 30 absent

Sep 2 weeded and harvested and thought what my final project should be

Sep 4 weeded and harvested

Sep 6 absent to attend a marathon in portland

Sep 9 watered and got some big weeds and did my final eval with nan

Sep 11 watered and then picked some tomatos and them talked with the group for awhile .

Sep 13 Final work day >